60s actress & model, Jenny Runacre Hugh Grant in Notting Hill Cult animation - Stanley Rhythm & Blues

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Sunday 30 July Monday 31 July Friday 4 August Saturday 5 August
Sunday 6 August Tuesday 8 - Thursday 10 August Tuesday 7 - Friday 11 August

Golden Boot Awards

Sunday 30 July (7-11pm)
Subterania, Acklam Road, W10

An Evening with Palm Pictures

Monday 31 July (7-11pm)
Subterania, Acklam Road, W10
An Evening Of Funky Fast Shorts from renegade industry professionals
Friday 4 August (2-10pm)
Emslie Hornimans Park, Kensal Road, W10

Latest work from National Film & Television School and London Production Fund.

Funky Fast Shorts

Visual Arts

Portobello Parade

Gay & Lesbian Selection

Saturday 5 August (2-10pm)
Emslie Hornimans Park, Kensal Road, W10

Punk in the Park

Mute Records Uncensored

Rock Art

Moving Sounds

Sunday 6 August (2-10pm)
Emslie Hornimans Park, Kensal Road, W10

Golden Boot Awards

US and International Film Festival

Tuesday 8 August (7-11pm)
Screen West, Bramley Road, W10

Man Woman Film

The Rook

Wednesday 9 August (7-11pm)
Screen West, Bramley Road, W10

Free Spirits

Rhythm & Blues

Thursday 10 August (7-11pm)
Screen West, Bramley Road, W10

Thicker Than Water

Abbott’s Approach

Tuesday 1 - Friday 11 August (7-11pm)
Beat Bar Portobello Road, W11
Non Stop Video Café featuring Late Entries, Bring Your Own Films

Five years since its inception, the Portobello Film & Video Festival is firmly established as a forum for cinematic indulgence of the most encouraging variety.

The festival's twelve days of open access screenings and multi-media mash ups featuring more than 300 new industry renegade and low-to-no-budget short films, underground documentaries, music promos, local movies, feature premieres and favourites from past years at venues across W10.

Attracting an audience in excess of 15,000 revellers and extensive media coverage, the festival is looking forward to staging its biggest and best event so far in August 2000.

Directors who have had initial screenings at the Portobello Film Festival include: Guy Ritchie - The Hard Case (1996), Sara Sugerman Valley Girls (1997) and Shane Meadows The Datsun Connection (1998). These directors have all gone on to make top features.

We also present classic films by or about people living in the Portobello/Ladbroke Grove area; 'Performance' and 'Hotel Paradiso' by Nicolas Roeg, The Clash's seminal punk movie - Westway to the World directed by Don Letts, The Punk by Mike Sarne and 'Respect' by Oz Hutchins.

Guest speakers/poets have included: Michael Winner, Jock Scott and Selma Saliva. In the Moving Sounds section, VJs Phil Smith (Scala), Hexstatic (Ninja Tune) and Giles Thacker (The Orb) have also presented their latest work. The festival showcases a broad range of talent. Entry is free and all films submitted are shown, guaranteeing exposure to new talent.