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Saturday 25th September1999
Dotcom Cafe, Portobello Green Fitness Centre

At Video Cafe no11 we presented a selection of films that had not been chosen for the Dr. Marten's Golden Boot shortlist but could easily have done: a feast of 23 films, all short and sweet, some local, some animations, some Funky Fast Shorts, some Video Cafe late festival entries that point the way to the future of British Independent (and hopefully soon mainstream) filmmaking, including Geist Martin Butterly and Don't Walk Whatever Pictures.

Geist Michael Butterly (10 mins)
The ghostly spirit of the City of London

Rewind Jour (5 mins)
From the Video Cafe, events rewinding in real time

Dream Of Me Natasha Morris (7 mins)
Mania of immature girl

Brazil Maravilha Alexa Abib (2 mins)
Alice in Brazil Wonderland

In The Morning Otis Mathie (4 mins)
Reggae star Mickey Brooks

La Jungla Gitar George Butler (6 mins)
Flamenco drum and bass

Topper Ben Owen (12 mins)
The legendary Clash drummer

Vaudeville Bob Dixon (3 mins)
Melieres-stylee new age magic show

874 JT Anderson (1 min)
Cartoon version of North By Northwest

Rebus and other cartoons Cecilia Lundquist (11 mins)
From Sweden!

Cartoon Oliver Gates (1 min)
From forth coming USA 'MadCat' show

A Prick Tease and other films Laura Stevens
(7 mins)
Modern man

What Men Want Carmen de la Fuente (5 mins)
Sexual attraction

The Kingdom Of Poet Dennis Karsten (9 mins)
Madness in NYC

Life On Mars Stuart Pound (7 mins)
Lightwave exotica

Flying Saucer Rock & Roll Enda Hughes (12 mins)
With Ardol O'Hanlon

Don't Walk Heaney & McMalis (10 mins)
With Alexei Sayle

The Routine Jon Wright (13 mins)
Office life can drive you mad

Horse City Catrin Clarke (10 mins)
City of wild horses

Nailbiter Elliot Kew (10 mins)
A family's revenge on a bad father

Non Compos Mentis Ernie Brennan (6 mins)
Lust at the butchers

The Girl Who Burst Jesus' Balloon Donald Takeshita-Guy (8 mins)

Sunday 28th November1999
Subterania, Acklam Road W10

We moved to Subterania for Video Cafe no12 for a World Premiere of the Directors Cut of the history of the Clash Westway To The World, introduced by Don Letts himself. He likened the early days of punk to the contemporary underground film industry. We also presented a cracking selection of shorts from North and South Ireland, supplied by Network Ireland, including the Hughes Brothers hilarious Flying Saucer Rock And Roll starring Ardal O'Hanlon.

Bring you own films and we will show them plus unusual music videos including work by Mogwai, Add N to X and Carter

Portobello Film & Video Festival present a programme of Irish short films kindly selected for us by Network Ireland Television, the biggest distributor of independent films from North and South Ireland, reflecting the warmth and wit of the island and its enlightened attitude to independent film funding

Mortice James T Donelly (8 mins)
A couple rent a house from a serial killler

Elsewhere Brian Dinsdale (12 mins)
A reincarnated victim of terrorism seeks his family in his new body

Fatal Extraction Colin McKeown (8 mins)
A detist visits a prisoner the day before he is due to hang

The Rules Of Golf Hugh McGory (5 mins)
Perils of joyriding

The Breakfast Peter Sheridan (18 mins)
A deprived child eats the meal of his dead headmaster

Guy's Dog Roy Bresnihan (10 mins)
Cartoon about a dog who wants to be human

When The Dust Settles Tom Heany & Com McManus (10 mins)
Two girls collect bodies as they drive

Window (Steve Woods) (6 mins)
Shutters go down on H Block

Sugar And Spice John McIlduff (8 mins)
Young girl plays with corpse

Ulysses (Tim Booth)
Cartoon based on James Joyce novel

Silicone Valerie John Simpson (12 mins)
Chance encounter between priest and beauty queen

Ciderpunks Joel Simon (13 mins)
Cartoon about Dublin youth

Flying Saucer Rock & Roll Hughes Brothers
Ardol O'Hanlon (Father Dougal from Father Ted) saves remote farming community from aliens

World premiere of the director's cut of
Westway To The World
Don Letts' intimate history of local legends The Clash