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Wednesday May 29
Mau Mau, 265 Portobello Road, W11
6-11pm, 6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films


A sneak preview of some of the films submitted for this years Portobello Film Festival in August including The Film and The Crossing.

11 December 2002
Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Road, London W10
7.00pm- 11.00pm: Bring Your Own Films
Entry FREE



Hideous Man (John Malkovich)
15 minutes
A unique collaboration between John Malkovich and Bella Freud. Expectations among Beats and Black Panthers reach fever pitch when top star Hideous Man is booked to appear at their club.

Morphologies (Franz Martig)
10 minutes
The circle of life, a clip of what contains a human body and mind, with the soundtrack of Talvin Singh’s Indian breakbeat-sounds.

In Absentia (James Kibbey & Richard Heald)
10 minutes
In Absentia is a tragic love story charting the suicide process of a man as he struggles to overcome the death of his girlfriend.

Hubris (Natasha Tilley)
15 minutes
Oscar and Louis, two eccentric bored young aristocratic lovers, hold a drug and sex-fuelled party at their mansion.

The Well (Bayram Fazli)
15 minutes
A dried well with some people trying to reach water.Wonderful film from Iran.

The Awakening of Mattsi & Katochek (K.Sobol & M.Schubert)
15 minutes
Mattsi & Katochek lead a happy unwed existence until weird disturbances in the form of animated nightmares creep into their waking lives.

Antigone (Caroline Lisowicz)
15 minutes
An adaption of the Greek myth by Sophocles set in our contemporary world

The Shant Club (Paolo Sedazzari)
15 minutes
A young male is ordered by the doctor to give up drinking- can he do it?

The Drought / The Stream (John Wheeler & Irina Fisher)
10 minutes
Life underwater.

The King of India. (Alex Morgan+Glen Warrilllow)
8 minutes
An Elvis impersonator at work in India.

The Beloved (Sarita Siegel)
15 minutes.
A young woman is stopped by a fruit seller and is taken into a backroom where his wife has lain for forty years.

Task 7 (Richard Mann)
10 minutes
Meet Terry Gilbertson: a high level security officer employed by Task 7 security.

Island On The Roof (Artemio Benki)
15 minutes
Lena, a young Czech woman, leads a monotonous existence until the day when people start disappearing, and a mysterious young man appears in her life. Mysterious Czech movie.

Out Of The Game (Matt Winn)
25 minutes
Rich is about to get married but bottles out at the last minute. He visits his old school friend Mike, a successful promoter in Ibiza, to get his head straight. Mike has other ideas and on a wild night out the tensions in their friendship rise to the surface.

Going Home (Stephen Pick)
15 minutes
Andy, a young family man whose life is going wrong, wakes up from a boozy night out in the back of a cab in the middle of nowhere.

Law Of Motion (Giles Borg)
5 minutes
There are rules for everything. . . even walking.

A Tentative Situation at Rugby Road (Adam Davies)
10 minutes
Borrowing from several Greek myths, namely those of Tantalus, Sysyphus, Prometheus and Narcissus, this film is a modern interpretation of everyday work being a metaphor for eternal punishment, as dealt out by the Greek Gods

Figure Toi A L’envers (Agustina Covian)
5 minutes
An experiment of perception through movement and time.

Terzo E Mondo (Daniele Pignatelli)
15 minutes
Terzo and Mondo live together in a magic room.

Nebulous Dawn (Omar Hassan)
15 minutes
In a mystical, smog polluted city a man is in search of a lost brother who disappeared in pursuit of a forgotten myth