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Wednesday 27 February
Mau Mau, 265 Portobello Road, W11
6-11pm, 6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

Rough Trade Avante Garde
A selection of Arthouse Films from local record store featuring work by William Borroughs, Lydia Lunch, Foetus, John Waters, John Giorno and Psychic TV.


It’s Clean It Just Looks Dirty
1987 (60 mins)
Includes Cabaret Voltaire, Husker Du, Diamda Galas, Einsturzende Neubaten, Robert Frank/Rudy Wurlitzer/Gary Hill, John Giorno Band, Dave Johansen, Robert Wilson and the Civil Wars, Swans, Psychic Tv, John Waters. From New York.

Radio Dog
By Nick Turvey. (24 mins)
In Albion, an anarchist republic of the near future, Felix is listening to Radio Dog as he shaves off his beard. His daydreams gradually form a kaleidoscopic portrait of this mongrel city, where doctors serve liquid sunshine on the concrete beach and savage diesel rhythms shake the massive Gun Fetish club.

By Beth B & Scott B . (34’31 seconds)
G-Man is the story of “Max Karl, the commanding officer of the Arson and Explosive Squad, who is polarized between a perverted private life over which he relinquishes command and the public image of commanding officer as presented by the media.

”Letters To Dad"
By Beth B & Scott B. (13’15 seconds)
“….the almost lyrical Letters to Dad, is a 15 minute meditation on authority that superimposes the spectre of Jonestown over the relatively fresh faces of the parapunk art world…the film takes on a musical form- like a 20th-century ballad composed of subliminal behavior cues, advertising testimonials, and the text of the National Enquirer.”
J.Hoberman, Village Voice 1979.
Black Box By Beth B & Scott B. (24 mins ) 1978

Black Box
inspired by an Amnesty International report on a device manufactured in Texas for use by totalitarian regimes, tells the story of an “Innocent Youth” who is abducted and taken to the torture chamber.

(6 mins).

SST Records Pop Video.
The SST Records Promotional Videoclip Compilation . (20 mins)
Includes Henry Rollins.

Ether Red-Zap.
Truelove Records 1991. (5 mins)Pinko Video Compilation. 1983 (5 mins)

Soft Cell.
Sexually explicit soft cell video. Unstable Image.

Manhattan Love Suicides.
By Richard Kern. (30 mins)
A series of short films. Includes “Stray Dogs”, “Woman at the wheel”, “Thrust in me”, “I hate you now”. All include sex and violence.

New York City.
A churning world where the realities of poverty and sex among the desperate musicians, artists and scene makers dictates a muted parady of normal lifestyles. Consumed with bitterness and hatred, the characters of MLS stalk their objects of attention through the depths of the Lower East Side.

Submit to Me Now
by R.Kern.
1987. Deathtrip films. (23 minutes)
Sexually explicit film. Bondage, M & S. Slasher film. Scene of violence and sexual violence throughout.

Goodbye 42 Street.
(7 mins)
Scenes of violence and sexual violence throughout.

by Richard Kern. (28 minutes)
A road movie about sexual extremes and violence. Is this pornography or art?

Wednesday 6 March
Mau Mau, 265 Portobello Road, W11
6-11pm, 6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

Black Eye Night


Blood-The Last Vampire
(& Documentary about its making.)
69’17 seconds
A buffy type vampire slayer is on the lose in a high school in Japan during Halloween.

Street Fighter Alpha
by Shigeyasu Yanauchi. 90 minutes
Two warriors must join together to overcome a dramatic challenge after the death of their master. More mad Manga from Japan, based on the popular game.

Legend Of The Overfiend
by Hideki Takayama. 108 minutes.
Every three thousand years comes the superfiend Chojin whose destiny is to unite the three worlds. Teenage sex and sword and sorcery from Manga.