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Tuesday 5 February
The Clinic, 13 Gerard Street, W1
6pm-1am, 6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

Wednesday 13 February
Mau Mau, 265 Portobello Road, W11
6-11pm, 6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

Addicted To Love.
Our annual Valentines Day programme looking at love from every possible angle.


by Adam Baker. 10 mins
Starring Jason Flemyng.

by Farren Blackburn. 14 mins.
Craig and Dean are ‘Looters’. But when a routine break -in goes wrong, Craig shows remarkable tenderness.

by Daw Smith. 5 mins
An investigation of man’s urge to penetrate.

by Rosamund Davies. 2 mins
Examining the relationship between a mother and daughter.

Hard Liquor
by Armin Faul. 5 mins.
The bro finally meets his adored green haired girl in the little ghost town, or does he?

L’Ete Prochain
by Jean Counet. 3 mins.
After the end of a relationship a couple try to stay in touch by letter.

The Short and Tragic Tale of the Boy Who Sweated Washing Up Liquid.
by Marcus Evans and Matt Hutchinson. 2 mins.
A small boy has an unfortunate affliction. He sweats washing up liquid. With Voice


by Matt Lucas.

The Suzy Strategem
by Jon Mortimer. 11 mins.
Shy boy discovers a way to ask a girl out without having to talk to her.

Love For $17.50
by Clive Saunders. 25 mins.
Man falls in love with a mannequin. From the short story by Charles Bukowski and personally approved by his widow.

The Perfect Couple
by Elisabeth Dyson. 12 mins.
A couples relationship anxieties are explored whilst they prepare for a night out. A dark twist awaits.

Telling Lies
by Simon Ellis. 5 mins.
Telephone conversation about who slept with who the night before.

by Conor Mcmahon & Ciaran Foy 10 mins.
A woman is mysteriously murdered in 1902. Who did it? And why? The mystery unfolds.

Baby Lazarus
by Joseph Bell. 16 mins.
A documentary about Intensive Care Nursey in the States.

The Parrot Room
by Minka Jakerson & Susanne Kaelin. 19 mins.
Explores the relationship between male and female species.

The Beloved
by Sarita Siegel 13 mins
From the short story by Leonora Carrington.

The Letter
by Viacheslav Lesov. 10 mins.
Letters across countries and religions.

Pieces of My Wife
by Frederic Pelle. 10 mins.
A man has just lost his wife who he was deeply in love with. He decides to rid himself of the objects that remind him of his wife. From the Cannes Festival De Film 2000.

Tuesday 12 February
The Clinic, 13 Gerard Street, W1
6pm-1am, 6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

Wednesday 20 February
Mau Mau, 265 Portobello Road, W11
6-11pm, 6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

Tonightęs films are a selection of some our personal favourites, by
ÜSome Of Our Favourite Directors”.
Actually, to be fair we like all the films that are sent to us, but we wanted to share with you those that are a little bit special to us. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


Go! Go! Spankettes
By Donald Takesita Guy. (15 mins)
This film is about an alternative rock band searching for the perfect sounding pair of knickers!

White Fade Symmetries
By Stuart Pound. (15 mins)
A kaleidoscopic, psychedelic outlook on sex. Watch this one very carefully!

A Selection From –Observations In Holland”
Winner of the Portobello Film Festival
–Best Film” Award 2000
By Rob Smitts & Gritta Houseman. (30 mins)
Including –Best In Beef”, –Between Breaks”. Stories of everyday experiences which will hit you at the border between wonder and laughter.

The Majesty Of The Haunt
By Sean Garland. (15 mins)
A beautifully filmed tale of love and mystery told in images.

The Real Notting Hill
By Wilf Macdonald-Brown & Nic Marcq. (60 mins)
24 hours in the lives of delinquent 15 year olds.

Advert 4 London
By Hannah Chamberlain. (5 mins)
London juxtaposed to fast cuts.

A Surgeon Waltz
By Yaron Bin Nun. (15 mins)
A danceręs leg is amputated by mistake.

By Victor Boullet. (4 mins)
Montage of portraits and landscapes from Norway.

One- Eyed Cloe + The Eleventh Shot
By Richard Matthews. (15 Mins)
Rhidian and Fergus try to snatch a snatch, but itęs not a snatch thatęs easily snatched!

By SimonTyszko. (10 mins)
Experimental film.

Subculture Artisans

By Graham Ball. (22 mins)
Follow the inept Director X as he attempts to complete his abortive film masterpiece, while a documentary film crew watches.

The Passion Of Theresa
By Juan del Gado. (8 mins)
Based on the mystical experiences of the Spanish Saint Theresa of Jesus. The film explores issues related to sexual desire, moral repression and punishment.

Cold Cops, Wet Fish
By Dominik Reynthiens. (8 mins)
Chris Langham as a cop who gets nasty with a fish!

Minsk Girl

By Anna Thew. (5 mins)
Byelorussian fashion and pop music.

By Andy Shelley. (5 mins)
A talentless man tries to get into show business. He has hit the perfect act: Hammerman.

The Dollęs House
By Scott Flochart. (8 mins)
A man attends the funeral of the father he hates.