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Tuesday 8 January
The Clinic, 13 Gerard Street, W1
6pm-1am, 6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

Wednesday 16 January
Mau Mau, 265 Portobello Road, W11
6-11pm, 6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

Echoes of Edinburgh
A selection of films that have been screened at both the Portobello and the Edinburgh Film Festivals/selected by Raymond Mydiuk


The Westerner
by Mark Lynall 10 mins
A country and western singer finds he has a gig at a punk venue.

Inside Outside Lydia’s Head
by Dominick Reyntens Trailer 3 mins
Refugee from Balkan conflict has to come to London to find anonymity but her past is catching up.

Quite Contrary
by Donal Coonan, Michael O’ Kelly. 57 mins
An emotionally blank man is compelled to fill his moments with incidents.

The Affectionate Punch
by Thor Adam Goodall. 6 mins
On a dark and stormy night Mr Punch continues with horrific little plan...

by Chris Croucher, 19 mins.
Aftermath not only deals with issues of war and effects on friendship but also infidelity + morality.

Bridge To The Moon
by Jorunn B. Saetre. 14 mins
The film is based upon the interaction between reality and different layers of the two characters subconscious.

Church of Acceptance
by Brendan Muldowney. 15 mins
Man on the verge of suicide has an unusual visit.

by Matt Rochester. 9’05 seconds.
Trouble at the message centre leads to disaster.

Cow Trek
by Neil Osman. 9 mins
A ‘Star Trek’ style crew man not a spaceship, but a cow......

Donde Esta Dios? (Where Is God?)
by Oliver Ledwith. 7’30 seconds
Two young boys in Spain can’t help getting in trouble. The local priest decides to teach them a lesson.

by Chris Croucher. 12 mins
Comedy about three lads stuck in a Rover Metro after it breaks down.

by Richard van den Bergh 12 mins.
Moral statement about misconception and prejudice within the underground party culture.

Fulham Noir
by Max Webb. 16’10
Private investigator decides to change places with one of his subjects.

Head Wrecker
by P. J. Dillon. 6’29 mins
Stress at work has an explosive effect.

Hotel 1
by Skinny. 9’20.
A young prostitute brings an Indian client to the hotel room and he tries to overstep the boundaries of their agreement.

Incident 44
by Joe Rosen. 7 mins
Grafitti based urban realism and humour.

Jed’s Beard
by Adam Mcaiavey. 15 mins
Fairy tale comedy about a monster people eating beard.

London Feels
by Caroline Loncq. 8’20 seconds
A man loses his dog and hires some kids to find it.

Look Around You (Calcium)
by Tim Kirkby. 20 mins
Have you every thought how important calcium is? How intellegent? The amazing things it can do.

The Moment Of Accepting Life
by Robert MacLean 7mins
The lives of three man intermingle at one particular moment in time.

by Richard Matthews. 7 mins.
Three young people settle down for a peaceful pint but are disturb by a troupe of morris dancers and take their revenge.

The Pantheon Project
by William Synclair. 10 mins
A computer virus launched across the species barrier.

The Point
by Hugh Macleod. 8 mins
A hypochondriac airhostess is convinced she has cancer of the tongue. She finds salvation in an unlikely source.

Sense Of Wonder
by Vlastimir Sudar. 8’17 mins
Documentary about the bombing of Yugoslavia by Nato.

Shim Sham
by Rachel Wang.10 mins
Shim Sham is a quirky romantic comedy about fate and footwear.

Subculture Artisans
by Graham Ball. 22 mins
Follow the inept Director X as he attempts to complete his abortive film masterpiece, whilst a docu crew watches.

The Sunbather
by James Caddick. 8 mins
A planes flight path has an unforeseen consequence.

What Are You Looking At?
by Tony Kelly. 13’26 mins
Frenchman reflects on his life and why people watch him.

Buying Time
by Nathan Evans. 30mins.
A man is turned out of his flat and searches for a new apartment

by Jon Wilson.10mins.
A drama about the life of a gambler and a gay man.

This Bastard Business
by Sean Hogan.15 mins
Vinod, an Indian actor auditions for a part but comes face to face with his racial tormentors.

Tuesday 15January
The Clinic, 13 Gerard Street, W1
6pm-1am, 6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

Wednesday 23 January
Mau Mau, 265 Portobello Road, W11
6-11pm, 6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

The Cannes Connection Night
An Evening Of Films either from the Cannes Film Festival, shown by us at the British Pavillion at Cannes or given to us by film makers at the Cannes Festival de Film


Pieces of my wife
by Fredrerick Pelle 15 mins
A man leaves his mourns his wife’s death in a very unusual way.

Fuck You All
by the Fluid Video Crew 21 mins
A documentary about a photographer who specialises in skate boarding photographs.

by Tucker D’avila Wood 20 mins
Felix attempts to ride around a traffic roundabout 5700 times in less than 24 hours.

Cannes Creative
20 mins
Short films from the Cannes Short Film Society

Walking Home
by Oliver Krimpas 6 mins
A man and woman interact on the tube and streets of London. What could possibly happen and what does.

Dave The Lighthouse Man
by Oliver Ralfe 5 mins
Miniature portrait of Dave, a London security guard, and his love of lighthouses.

Dann Nenn Es Halt Liebe (Call It Love)
by Mira Gittner 13 mins
Story about a lost love that will be revived in rituals, but the ritual doesn’t work anymore.

by Ivan Kavanagh 3’42 mins
Two friends get together for their usual Sunday fun and games.

by George Bosompin 13’30 mins
Dela, a young girl, witnesses the brutal murder of her mother and is traumatised into silence.

Love For $17.50

by Clive Saunders. 25 mins
Man falls in love with a mannequin. From a short story by Charles Bukowski.

For What We Are About To Receive
by Yoav Factor 4’20 mins
Two alien creatures prepare a dinner.

by Cashell Horgan 12’05 mins
One character’s adventures in Ireland.

by Oliver Ashton 5 mins
A gangster feature film trailer that doubles as