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Wednesday 19 December
Mau Mau, 265 Portobello Road, W11
6-11pm, 6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

Tuesday 11 December 2001
The Clinic, 13 Gerard Street, W1
6pm-1am, 6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

Shorts Heaven
(Films Around 5 minutes long)

Portobello Film Festival likes short films. It’s a new art form where film-makers can distil their work into its’ essence. . .they also appeal to people’s short attention spans. Tonight’s show will be selected from the list below.

Memoirs Of A Reluctant Sight Seer
by Andy Kimpton-Nye.
Diaristic use of super 8 to record memories of bad experiences as a tourist.

by George Misch.
An imaginative look at train journeys.

Fermout Mysteriosly Appears.
By L. Critchley.
A murder captures his victims in an attempt that they can make him good.

Urban Myth
by Gary Barber
A man has car trouble and tries to fix it.

Man Goes Gay
by Gary Barber
A man has his hair cut.

by Gary Barber
An ex-dancer tries to be the subject of documentary film with not much success.

Dave The Lighthouse Man
by Oliver Ralfe
Miniature portrait of Dave, a London security guard, and his love of lighthouses.

by Hannah Gal
A drowning woman attempts to breathe.

Gina Birch Compilation
by Simon Tyszko
A camera travels around London in obscure positions

by Simon Tysko
Experimental Arts Video

Solex Athews Ohio
by Simon Tyszko
Observation Art Video

Birch/Tyszko Experimental Short
by Simon Tyszko
Observational art video

Tech Gew
by Joe Rosen
A Sci Fi hostage situation that goes wrong, split screen

Incident 44
by Joe Rosen
Graffiti based urban realism and humour.

The Affectionate Punch
by Thor Adam
Goodall on a dark and stormy night Mr Punch continues with with horrific little plan...

Andares in Time of War
by Alejandra Jimenez Lopes
multi-perspective of the event war

What’s The Building In There?
By Jeremy J. Difiore
Experimental music video for Tom Waits track of the same name

Next to Oblivion
by Miikka Leskinen
A woman attempts to challenge the limits between sleep and wakefulness, life and death

“Hang on”
by Woodchuck by Ben Caron
Music video: a couple fly a kite in snowy sand dunes

Maybe We Could Fly/ My Drug Hell
by Tim Briffa
Music video: montage of black and white stills

by Daw Smith
An investigation of man’s urge to penetrate.

The Forgotten
by Jens Hertzum
A 100 second movie with a story arc. It raises questions of myth and memory and identity.

by Lee Bamsey
Music video that has all sorts of hidden agendas in the narrative.

Getting Together
by I. Fisher, J. Wheeler
Portobello meets Glastonbury.

Glorious Breasts
by I. Fisher, J. Wheeler
Animated short story about porn writer haunted by breasts.

Water Animals

by I. Fisher, J. Wheeler
Allegoric montage of various life forms, using computer animation and stop motion.

Super Naked Lady
by I. Fisher, J. Wheeler
Parody of marketing super-heroes by using nudity to sell the product.

by I. Fisher, J. Wheeler
Homage to Fritz Lang

The Succubus
by Lotta Petronella
Art video about a stolen kiss.

by Ivan Kavanagh
Two friends get together for their usual Sunday fun and games.

The Party
by Andy Greening
A day in the life of a baby through a baby’s eyes.

by Aaron Erimez
A mischievous little Christmas decoration has a hunger for some cookies.

by Rosamund Davies
This examines the relationship between a mother and daughter.

Wise Words
by Karen Young
A master is dismayed by a blundering student in this twisted take on the gentle art of tai chi.

The Walk
by Chloe Moss + Chloe Hadji Matheou.
An extremely neurotic man is obsessed with avoiding the cracks in the pavement.

The Prince And The Pie
by David Lilley
The film is a fairytale about a man who chances across some riches. He has to decide whether it’s worth him putting his hand in a place it would not normally go.

Fiction In One Minute
by Sheena Macrae
Fast edit of Pulp Fiction.

Hard Liquor
by Armin Faul
The bro finally meets his adored green haired girl in the little ghost town.

Against Interpretation
by Rubens Azevedo
People worry about the meaning of life.

by Vicky Boxall
A man is reincarnated into the body of a young boy.

Fill Her Up
by Mark Denton
‘Fill Her Up’ is about a man who really, really likes his car.

Ete Prochain
by Jean Counet
After the end of a relationship a couple try to stay in touch by letter.

Fickle Kerry Periwinkle
by Marcus Evans and Benjamin Hall
The pied story of a fickle blue school girl and her adversary of a different hue.

The Short and Tragic Tale of the Boy Who Sweated Washing Up Liquid.
by Marcus Evans and Matt Hutchinson.
A small boy has an unfortunate affliction. He sweats washing up liquid.

1. A Man Touching Hard 2. A Man Suffering Hard 3. A Man And A Carrot
by Erkka Nissinen
Very simple clips of a mans everyday life

Satin Cages
by James Norton
An imagined museum of costume, and exploration of the history and contradictions of the ...(????Ed.)

by Stuart Rideout
Man and his own fears for spiders.

Trailer for “Inside Outside Lydia’s Head
by Dominick Reyntiens
Promo for 96 min feature

Fresh Flesh
by Dominick Reyntiens
Male prostitute turning tricks, or is he?

For What We Are About To Receive
by Yoav Factor
Two alien creatures prepare a dinner.

The Fiver Thing
by Simon Ellis
Two mates have a love hate relationship.

Head Wrecker
by P. J. Dillon
Stress at work has an explosive effect.

Mum’s Back From Italy
by Teemu Auersalo
Girl’s mother returns from Italy while she’s in bed with her boyfriend.

The Chameleon
by Rory Bresnihan
Adventures through different stages of reincarnation.

Telling Lies
by Simon Ellis
Telephone conversation about who slept with who the night before.

by Romer Delimata + John Buckley
Remains of airplane descend to earth.

Catch Yourself
by Paul Madden
Protestant father and son encounter Catholic father and son during the marching season.
Martin Gooch Showreel
The Horn, No Surrender

The Pigeon Fancier
by Suzanne Walker + Shelley Castle.
Documentary about an old man who keeps pigeons.

The Goddess Method
by Punan Sawhney
Man seeking his true identity.

The Other Night Under The Bridge
by Leigh McCarthy
Art video which examines reality and fantasy.
Under The Bridge
by Leigh McCarthy
Examination of reality and fantasy.

I Love You Too
by Leigh McCarthy
Examination of reality and fantasy.

Failure To Levitate In The Studio
by Leigh McCarthy
Another examination of reality and fantasy.

by Nicolal Amter
Sci-Fi in the mood of Matrix.

Cut And Run
by Cassius Rayner
Trailer for forthcoming feature from the Director of 1997 Golden Boot winner “Junk”.

Do I Love You
by Lisa Gornick
A short weave of two tales of how the search for love asks more questions than it answers.

Walking Home
by Oliver Krimpas
A man and woman interact on the tube and streets of London. What could possibly happen and what does.

Urban Classicism
by Oliver Ashton
Robert Hylton dances the hypnotic thoughts of passers by in the Hip Hop, Jazz, Fandango of South London street style.

by Oliver Ashton
A gangster feature film trailer that doubles as a short film and pop promo.

by Oliver Ashton
A blood and guts fist fight .No twist required.

by Paola Idrontino
The characters in this video/animation are related to hand gestures and the way we use each fingers in every day life to communicate.

One Giant Leap “Braided Hair”
by One Giant Leap
music video for one giant leap. Good use of split screen

by Keith George Ross
Interview of a crazy artist.

Pants On Parade
by Hannah Ball
A humorous ‘Dancing’ sequence featuring close up shots of a range of mock-glamour underwear (also made by Hannah Ball)

Harry’s Joint
by Mark Holmes
A Schwazerniger type character goes wild in a Jazz club

Meine Heimatstadt
by Gili Dolev
A look at the brutal genocides of different countries in history and the those who silently watch and do nothing.

Wednesday 9 January
Mau Mau, 265 Portobello Road, W11
6-11pm, 6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

Tuesday 18 December 2001
The Clinic, 13 Gerard Street, W1
6pm-1am, 6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

Programmers Selection

by Aaron Erimez
A mischievous little Christmas decoration has a hunger for some cookies.

A Day Out
by Helen Grace
An eventful day in the life of Jamie, a diabetic 9 year old who escapes his family for a day out at the seaside. 8’42 seconds

The Magic Mile
by Toby Meakins.
A surreal film about a deaf girl, a wheel chair and miracles.

The Tricorn
by Martin Fickling
In 1966 the Tricorn shopping centre was built in Portsmouth. Ten years later its due to be demolished. But a subculture has developed around it.

The Suzy Strategem
by Jon Mortimer
Shy boy discovers a way to ask a girl out without having to talk to her. 11 mins

The Passion of Teresa
by Juan del Gado
Based on the mystical experiences of the Spanish Saint Terese of Jesus the film explores issues related to sexual desire, moral repression and punishment, 8 mins

Journeys Home
by Bryony Rogers
A vibrant tale of self-discovery: The story of one woman’a exploration of her past in a wild and powerful landscape. 14 mins

Desert for exiles
by David Grant
A man in a desert plagued by visions. 15 mins

A Surgeon Waltz
by Yaron Bin Nun
Dancer has her leg amputated by mistake. 15 mins.

by Jaharlal Sen
A young mans’ rites of passage to adulthood. 10 mins

by Victor Boullet.
Montage of portraits and landscapes from Norway. 5 mins.

by Sid Rainey
A man who was once obsessed with capturing every aspect of his life on camera, looks back. 15 mins.

by Linda 15 runs away to the local gas station where she gets on everyones nerves. 15 mins

by Zhel
Ironic show on how to make a video blockbuster 5 mins

Waves Without Sounds
by Brid Fitzpatrick
A homeless woman is haunted by her memories in London . 15 mins.

by Hannah Chamberlain 5 mins
Beauty changes through time. ideas swing between rational and romantic. Beauty21 plays with inner beauty in the inner city using Byron’s poem She Walks in Beauty and 21c soundsape.

Lincoln and 31st.
by Damien Caldwell.
Two kids who hang out at a gas station because they’ve got nothing better to do... 11’30 sec

No Prom For Cindy
by Charlie Adler
No Prom For Cindy is a seriocomic exploration of perception and social convention using a 45 year old male actor as a popular 14 year old girl ostracited for suspicions of being a lesbian. 25 mins