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Wednesday 5 December
Mau Mau, 265 Portobello Road, W11
6-11pm, 6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

Tuesday 27 November 2001
(Black Eye launch party)

The Clinic, 13 Gerard Street, W1
6pm-1am, 6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

All In The Worst Possible Taste
Celebrating some of the sicker and more twisted contributions to the Portobello Film Festival over the years. Definitely not recommended to anyone under 18 or of a nervous disposition.


Nightmare Of The Vanities.
By Steven Santa Cruz Booth. 15 mins.
Glamour, murder, and making it to the top is all she cares about. Her name is Vel.

Dick And Maria

by Mark Limburg. 10 mins.
Dick has been lying in a coma for19 years. He finds a unique way to communicate with his new nurse.

Hotel 1
by Skinny.9’20 seconds
A young prostitute brings an Indian client to the hotel room and he tries to overstep the boundaries of their agreement.

Glorious Breasts
by I. Fisher, J. Wheeler. 2’24 seconds
Animated short story about porn writer haunted by breasts.

by Ivan Kavanagh. 3’42 seconds
Two friends get together for their usual Sunday fun and games.

It’s Hard
by Julie Scott Edwards. 13 mins.
Teenage girl tries to overcome her fear of penises.

Love For $17.50
by Clive Saunders 25 mins
Man falls in love with a mannequin.

From the short story
by Charles Bukowski.

For What We Are About To Receive
by Yoav Factor. 4’20 mins.
Two alien creatures prepare a dinner.

The Chameleon
by Rory Bresnihan. 5’46 seconds
Adventures through different stages of reincarnation.

Cereal Killer
by Robert Heath. 7’50 mins
Young man attempts to become a serial killer, but fails with unusual results.

White Fade Symmerty
by Stuart Pound. 10 mins

El Dia Que El Cerdo En Bicilth. (The Day A Pig Passed on a Bike)
by Daniel Borgach. 14 mins.
A brutal look at how a pig is slaughtered and it’s end up going on a bike ride.

by Heather Smith. 10 min
A personal, provocative and powerfully c lose record of the home birth of a Brighton ‘Traveller’.

Mute Records Compilation
Featuring Nick Cave, Moby, Depeche Mode, Add N to (x), Einstürzende Neubauten and Can. A good collection of videos, but bloody scenes and
disturbing images are the norm.

by Dylan Ingham. 5 mins
A serious look into new energy forms in the future.

by Yaron Bin Nun. 5mins
Eddie Woods narrates his poem ‘bananas’ edited to a soundtrack based on Eddie’s voice.

Look of Love
by Lova Hamilton. 10 mins.
A girl consumes sheeps brains and then proceeds to vomit.

Dolce De Leite
by Debora Tenenbaum. 10 mins.
A man is desperate for an icecream, however circumstances and social protocol aren’t in his favour.

by Cattet Helene and Forzani Bruno. 5 mins.
When the doubles creation become a catharlic act...

Last Chance
by Bill Boatman. 20 mins.
A girl gets mixed up with a bunch of theives.

Deus Ex Machina
by Alan Randall. 12 mins
A cautionary tale of a young woman on a nightmare one night stand.

Cold Cops, Wet Fish
by Dominick Reynthiens. 8 mins
Chris Langham as cop gets nasty with a fish.

Dual Balls
by Dan Zeff 11 mins.
A school teacher experiments with her own sexuality during class.

Cling Film
by Anna Thew 20 mins
An insider’s look into the dark side of the sex film industry. Fast cut - experimental - safer sex collage.

The Incredible Strange Story Of The Girl Who Burst Jesus’ Balloon
By Donald Takeshita-Guy. 7 mins.
A girl tries to kill herself and meets Jesus.

Concrete Enema
by Gimpo. 3 mins
Performance Artist Dragan has concete poured down their arse.

by Scott Flockhart. 7 min

Wednesday 12 December
Uncles, 305 Portobello Road, W11
6-11pm, 6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

Tuesday 4 December 2001
The Clinic, 13 Gerard Street, W1
6pm-1am, 6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

Making A Drama Out Of A Crisis
tunning new drama from the Portobello Film Festival


The Pantheon Project
by William Synclair
A computer virus launched across the species barrier 10 mins

Incident 44
by Joe Rosen
Graffiti based urban realism and humour 5’08 seconds

Zwang (Compulsion)
by Roland Reber.
While holding her breath a woman contemplates her inability to please anyone 8’10 seconds

by Daw Smith
An investigation of man’s urge to penetrate.4 mins

by Trevor Harrison-Phipps
Solitude explores life in a darkened cell. Shot from the perspective of the hostage we are taken from reflection to madness and then to eventual hope. 10 mins

Hospital Food
by Joe Tunmer
A series of phone calls over a number of years in a hospital. All from the same family. 6’30 seconds

Against Interpretation
by Rubens Azevedo.
People worry about the meaning of life. 1’22 seconds

The Next Meal
by Alba Amoo-Gottried
Hunger drives a young boy to join an urban gang in industrial Tema, Ghana. 13’20 seconds

by Richard Van Der Bergh
Moral statement about misconception and prejudice within the underground party culture. 12 mins

Freaky Deaky 10 to 1
by Anthony Byrne
A piece of information is violently extracted. 12’18 seconds

Do I Love You
by Lisa Gornick
A short weave of two tales of how the search for love asks more questions than it answers. 7 mins

The Invitation
A young couple take a trip to the country to visit Williams old college flame. When they arrive all is not what it seems. 12’15 seconds

by Conor Mcmahon, Ciaran Foy, & Andrew Legge.
A woman is mysteriously murdered in 1902. Who did it? And why? The mystery unfolds. 10 mins

E2 x E4
by Kay Huusicker
One mans’ obsession with chess 10 mins

by Jon Wilson
A drama about the life of a gambler and a gay man 10 mins

The Tides of Time
by Neil Johnson
A lifeline forks a million times at its begining we see infinite possibilities. At its end, just one. 20 mins.

My primary Lover Never Hollywood Kissed Me
by Lisa Gornick.
Ella, at seven, wants to be her mother’s Hollywood lover rescue her from a bad marriage...15 mins

One-Eyed Chloe + The Eleventh Shot.
By Richard Mathews
Rhidian + Fergus try to snatch a snatch, but it’s not a snatch thats easily snatched. 15 mins

Deep Freeze
by Virgina Heath
Bizarre consequences result when Michelle is left a fridge by her dead father.15 mins