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Thu 1 November2001
Uncles, 305 Portobello Road

Tue 13 November 2001
The Clinic, 13 Gerard Street, Soho

, 6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

Having A Laugh
Comedy Films from 2001 Portobello Film


20 mins

Outlook good
17’10 seconds

43 Seconds In The Life Of A Welsh Goldfish
1’33 seconds

Subculture Artisans
22 mins

Urban Myth
3’37 seconds

Dick and Maria
10 mins

The Russians
12 mins

Maureen Buttercup
8 mins

Wise Words
2 mins

Cow Trex
9 mins

The Prince And The Pie
3’30 seconds

Fill Her Up
5 mins

Where Is God ?
7’30 seconds

The Suzy Strategem
11 mins

You’ve Got Les Than A Half Hour To Go.
2‘30 seconds

12’05 seconds

Martin Goach Showreel
2 mins

5 mins

Pants On Parade
2’21 seconds

2 min

Special Screening :
Breathe Under Water by honeybyte

5 min

Thu 8 November 2001
Uncles, 305 Portobello Road

Tue 20 November 2001
The Clinic, 13 Gerard Street, Soho

6-11pm, 6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

Directors Cut.
A freestyle mix by top VJ Collins Warner from the list of films below/ some
of the best films from the Portobello Film Festival 1996-2001

Go Go Spankettes
All girl Band seek magic knickers.

Words From My Father
Father dies in First World War

Flying Saucer
Rock & Roll-Bumpkin saves sleepy Irish village from Aliens.

Best In Beef
A day in the abbatoir.
50 Quid-What use is money when no-one will take it?

Do I Love You
Does sex need Love?

Wise Words
The wisdom of the sacred Tao.

Girl drowns.

White Fade Symetries
Psychedelic/erotic music video.

Pulp Fiction In One Minute
What it says.

Majesty Of The Haunt
Tragedy caused by Irish Abortion laws.

Hard Sun Trailer
Two adventurers battle it out under an equatorial hard sun.

Bondi Hophead Zombie Freakout
Zombies see people as food.

sex and fashion and Rock and Roll from Pam Hogg and Primal Scream.

Heck Of A Storm
Pop surrealist Dougie Fields first works in Multimedia.

Last Road Trip
Stunning 3D animation from Holland.


Motorcyle duel between Hell’s Angel and granny.

Flying saucers in the Mid West

Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow
Nick Cave-With Jarvis Cocker.

Baaba Maal
Recording his new accoustic album.

Un Jour
Woman wakes up with man in her stomach.

Not Enough Hours In The Day (2000)
Sean Garlands poetic document of the 2000 Portobello Film Festival.

Sean’s Film 2001
1996 Festival Film
1997 Festival Film
1999 Festival Film

Cannes Twinning Ceremony

Hard Case

Guy Ritchie first film.

Every One’s Taking Cocaine
Comedy poet Murray Laclan Young.

Festival Poster from Eastenders

Did you spot us on the Café wall behind the Tea Urn during the torrid

Frank and Pat Romance?
Fill Her Up-Relationship between man and car.

Animated oil painting on glass.

The Hole
Exploring the circularity of Life.

Xmas Steps
Poignant Mogwai pop video.

Scott La Rock
L.L.Cool Js DJ at the controls.

Moral war fable starring Clint Dyer and Courttia Newland.

Third World UK-Underground history of the 80s.

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