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Thu 18 October 2001
Uncles, 305 Portobello Road

Tue 30 October 2001
The Clinic, 13 Gerard Street, Soho

, 6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

Music Videos from the 2001 Portobello Film Festival


Various 4 Tracks Music Videos from palm pictures.
16 mins.

Fuck You All
by The Fluid Video Crew.
21 mins.

Hang on
by Woodchuck
5 mins.

Maybe we could fly
by my drug hell.

3’30 seconds.
by Lee Bamsey

Terrorist(Moko Pack)
by Steve Buckley. 4’30 seconds.

Braided Hair

by One Giant Leap. 4’01 seconds.

Stop making sense
by Talking heads 10 mins.

Mirror Ball Uk Tour 2001.
Various Music videos. 20 mins.

Baaba Maal-Mi Yuwnii
by Michel Moalem.
11 mins.

Music In My head
by Duncan Macpherson
4’12 seconds.

Temple Head
by Trans-Global Underground.
4’10 seconds.

Gold Burger
by Fun-da-mental.
4’23 seconds.

Taal Zaman
by Trans-global underground.
5’03 seconds.

Gina Birch + Simon Tyszko showreel.
17 mins.

Enjoy the Silence
by Depache Mode.
5 mins.

Natural Blues
by Moby.
3 mins.

Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad
by Moby.
4 mins.

I Feel Loved
by Depeche Mode.
3’34 seconds.

A Little Respect
by Erasure.
4 mins.

15 Feet Of Pure White Snow
by Nick Cave + The Bad Seeds.
4’27 seconds.

All Exhale
by Luke Slater.
5 mins.

by john Spencer Blues.
4 mins.

by Goldfrapp.
4’12 seconds.

by Erasure.
2’22 seconds.

A Gentle Cycle Revolution
by Appliance.
3’44 seconds.

Thu 25 October
Uncles, 305 Portobello Road

Tue 6 November 2001
The Clinic, 13 Gerard Street, Soho

6-11pm, 6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

Films From All Over The World


Gullible Travels Christopher London Latin America
27 mins
(Latin American Travels)

Ash-Bradley Quirk
18 min
(Irish-American renewing an acquaintance)

20 mins
(Venezuela Cowboy singer from the plains in Venezuela)

Lotta Petronella-Finland
18 mins
(Tango and dreams in Finland)

The Offering
Paul Lee
10 mins
(Friendship between Monk and novice)

Viccarios Italian Pastry Shop
Alessandra Tantilo
15 mins
(Life in an Italian Pas…)

Gameli Tokdrzo- Ghana
18 mins
(Woman takes a journey to the city)

Sense of Wonder
8 mins
(Balkan War)

Between Breaks
(Holland Docu moments from maverick amsterdam team).

One Giant Leap
Jamie Catto
20 min version
(Jamie’s global spin on music and life)

Adama Roamba
22 mins
(Street boy in search of mother)

El Sur De Una Pacion
120 mins.
Analia Couchiero one the coveted Golden Pipe For Best Actress with this sizzling
performance as a street girl seriously down on her luck in contemporary Argentina