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13 September 2001
Uncles 305 Portobello Road

30 October 2001
The Clinic, Gerard Street, Soho

, 6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

2001 JVC Digital Camera Awards Shortlist


Undercurrents 2001
(Undercurrents Collective)
Global dissidents

Fill Her Up
(Mark Denton)
Car as sex object

(Stuart Rideout)
Fear of spiders

The South Of A Passion
(Christina Fasulino)
Oppressed girl finds grace

Telling Lies
(Simon Ellis)
What they say and what they mean

Getting Together
(I. Fisher & J. Wheeler)
Portobello meets Glastonbury

Bad Day For Clayton Barnes
(Mark Williams)
Ever had one of those days when everything goes wrong?

Fulham Noir
(Max Webb)
Private eye plots murder

Wise Words
(Karen Young)
Taoism and carelessness

The Forgotten
(Jens Hertzum)
A stalked girls nightmare

Gullibles Travels
(Christopher London)
Unusual video diary of South America

Incident 44
(Joe Rosen)
Confessions of a graffiti artist

One Minute Pulp Fiction
(Sheena McCrae)
What it says on the packet

(Tucker Davilla Wood)
Mad motorcyclist attempts World Record

(Hannah Gal)
Drowning girls last moments

(Oliver Ashton)
Trailer for caper movie set in Brighton

Le Jet Du Sang
(Mike Miller)
Cinema of cruelty by Antonin Artaud

Behind The Reality Principle
(Richard Matthews)
Making a movie

Dick And Maria
(Mark Limburg)
Coma victims penis comes to life

The Little Princes Rap
(Paulo Caldas & Marcello Luna)
Vigilante rap artist murderer

(Chi Yu)
Digital impressions of panic

(Richard Van Der Berg)
Scary bad trip movie

The Party
(Andy Greening)
Through the eyes of a little baby

(Dafna Ganani)
Things are not always what they seem

Hard Sun
(Mohssin Faraji)
Two adventurers battle to death over a Magic Book in the ruins of Lixus, Morocco.

Gina Birch Showreel
(Gina Birch & Simon Tysko)
Original artwork from former Raincoat and designer of Video Café sting

(Aaron Erimez)
Cartoon about Christmas decorations

Do I Love You
(Lisa Gornick)
Sex and doubt

One Giant Leap
(Jamie Cato & Duncan Bridgeman)
Winner of 2001 JVC Digital Camera Prize

This Fiver Thing
(Simon Ellis)
Two friends fall out over a fiver

The Passion Of Teresa
(Juan Delgado)
Catholic icon returns in pop video.

27 September
Uncles 305 Portobello Road

9 October 2001
The Clinic, Gerard Street, Soho

6-11pm, 6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

State Of The Art


Life, Death and Damien Hirst
(The Director's Cut) (Roger Pomphrey)
60 mins
A documentary about the preparation of Damien Hirst's New York show.

Psycho Killer
(Ariel Goldblatt) 10 mins
An artist uses a serial killer to launch her career.

Getting Together
(I. Fisher, J. Wheeler) 6 mins
Portobello meets Glastonbury.

Glorious Breasts
(I. Fisher, J. Wheeler) 3 mins
Animated short story about porn writer haunted by breasts.

Water Animals
(I. Fisher, J. Wheeler) 4 mins
Allegoric montage of various life forms, using computer animation and stop motion.

Super Naked Lady
(I. Fisher, J. Wheeler) 1 min
Parody of marketing super-heros by using nudity to sell the product.

(I. Fisher, J. Wheeler) 4 mins
Homage to Fritz Lang

(Rosamund Davies) 2 mins
This examines the relationship between a mother and daughter.

(Chi Yu) 13 mins
A short experimental film about psychosis, dreams, confusion, anxiety, despair, and schizophrenia etc.

(Dafna Ganani) 2 mins
A gold painted woman is shot from different camera angles.

(Daniel Lang) 7 mins
A personal documentary exploring the tensions which arise from the directors grandfather being part of the
German Third Reich.

Picnic On The Grass
(Dafna Ganani) 8 mins
Close up of panning camera on a"picnic scene".

Death Of A Paper Bag
(Lavinia) 11 mins
Who is God? Are men and women not of the same spirit? Freedom for life.

The Other Night Under The Bridge
(Leigh McCarthy) 1 min
Art video which examines reality and fantasy.

Under The Bridge
(Leigh McCarthy) 2 mins
Examination of reality and fantasy.

I Love You Too
(Leigh McCarthy) 2 mins
Examination of reality and fantasy.

Failure To Levitate In The Studio
(Leigh McCarthy) 2 mins
Another examination of reality and fantasy.

Joseph Stone
(Duncan Rennie) 6 mins
An artist is interviewed about the use of shock tactics in his new art show.

R.G. Ball-Over the Rainbow.
(Octavius Murray) 4 mins
Abstract video.

(Stuart Pound) 10 mins
Art film which uses kaleidoscopic images.

In Memoriam
(Jayne Mansfield) Stuart Pound 2 mins
A small homage to a star of the past.

"Hi, I' m"
(Anthony Gross) 7 mins
Contestants for a TV quiz show introduce themselves in their own unique way.

Gina Birch & Simon Tyszko Video Showreel 2001
(Gina Birch & Simon Tyszko) 17 mins.
A small selection of films from two of our favourite film-makers.