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28th March 2001 6-11pm
Beat Bar 265 Portobello Road
6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

Music Night


O H Shit
(Paul Daly) 5 mins
Man imagines he’s a pigeon.

(SImon Tyszk) 7 mins
Experimental video art.

(Victor Boullet) 4 mins
Poetical montage of portraits and landscapes set in Norway.

(Federico Lanchares) 5 mins
A Band plays through the streets of Jujuy , the festive spirit is contagious and people come to join them.

(Zhel Zeljkovukiceric) 6 mins
Ironic show on how to make a video blockbuster.

Off the Beaten Track
(Joap Mees) 65 mins
Is a rich tapestry of memories, anedotes and lyrical archive footage, overflowing with beautiful Irish music.

(Yaron Bin Nun) 4 mins
Eddie woods narrates his poem “bananas” edited to a soundtrack based on Eddie’s voice.

(Kitiara Denus) 8 mins
The story of a divided woman and the falseness of love.

(Kitiara Denus) 5 mins
A young man’s love for a prostitute makes him start a reflective journey.

Various Music Videos

(Palm Pictures) 16 mins
Includes: Jacknise Lee, Cousteau, Supreme being of Leisure and Elwood.

Born in-a Babylon
(Nicolas Chaudgurge) 35 mins
A documentary about Rastafarian believers living in England today.

Tony Scott

(Natasha Morris) 23 mins
A documentary about famous Jazz musician Tony Scott and by reflection Charlie Parker.

4th April 2001 6-11pm
Beat Bar 265 Portobello Road
6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

21st Century Documentary


Between Breaks
(Rob Smits) 10 mins
An observational documentary about construction of modern housing estate in Holland.

The Letter
(Viachestar Lesov) 9 mins
We follow letters that travel across countries and religions.

Coo Coo Ca Caachoo
(Olivera Milos Todorivic) 15 mins
The struggle for artistic freedom in Belgrade.

Bob’s Your Uncle
(Gary Barber) 23 mins
The film follows Bob as he performs with touring
theatre company.

Vaccaro’s Italian Pastry Shop
(Alessandra Tortillo ) 15 mins
The story of Gioacchiro Vaccaro, who left Palermo for the U. S. A. in 1954.

Dave The Light house Man
(Oliver Kalfe) 5 mins
A miniature portrait of Dave, a London security guard and his love of lighthouses.

One Day In China
(Hannah Satz) 38 mins
The traditions and customs of China as seen in one day.

Advert For London

(Hannah Chamberlin) 5 mins
A fast and funky advert for London.

Life Is A Carousel
(Nick Fletcher) 7 mins
A short film about the day in a life of a carousel.

Ladies And Gentlemen
(Ed O’Brien) 10 mins
Lola and Stuart are the toilet attendants at Notting Hill tube station.

Burning Man

(Mara Silver) 48 mins
A documentary film about the Burning Man Festival in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada.