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14th March 2001
, 6-11pm
Beat Bar 265 Portobello Road
6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

Sci - Fi


A Short Film About A Girl’s Stomach (Donald Takeshita-Guy) 6 mins
A young girl’s adventures on Mars.

(Calliste Elliot) 13 mins
A woman comes to terms with her other self through Multimedia Web interaction.

Solid State
(Max Hochrad) 6 mins
Karen suffers an inexplicable black-out and blames her personal computer.

(Alan Denman) 4 mins + 48 secs
A traumatised woman takes a weird makeover.

Look Around You (Calcium)
(Tim Kirkby) 22 mins
Have you ever throught how important is Calcium? How intelligent? The amanzing things it can do?

(Dylan Ingham) 4 mins + 30 secs
An alternative form of power for the future.

Orgasium Ray Gun
(Martin Gooch) 3 mins
An inventor has a bright idea.

(Jonathan Barnett) 20 mins
A soldier in a futuristic war zone has to choose between his family and his conscience.

The Sun King
(David Cardwell) 15 mins.
A man finds hope in the fact that he believes he can control the Sun.

(Morgan Roberts) 81 mins
The tale of a Doctor , her daughter, her surrogate daughter and a mind controlling machine.

21st March 2001
, 6-11pm
Beat Bar 265 Portobello Road
6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films



The Apartment Cat
(Sarah Koper) 71/2 mins

(Tim Booth) 41/2 mins

Guys Dog
(Rory Bresewihan) 11 mins

(Steve Woods) 6 mins

The Beautiful Ones
(Michael Goldia) 51/2 mins

Water Ego
(Jody Gannon) 7 mins

My Name is Grant + 874

(J Tobias Anderson) 3 mins

Bernice the Bitch
(Mitch Bligh) 6 mins

Tommy Griabald
(Chris Tichbornet) 9 mins

2 Flies
(Sanny Overbeeki+Hein Van Liempd) 41/2mins

5 mins

Dolls House
(Scot Flockhart) 10mins

Black Hen
(Paul Morel) 15 mins

Nazis Go Apeshit
(John Toosey 11/2mins

(Simon Richardson) 61/2 mins

Innocents Abroad
(Chris Nuniswick) 31/2 mins

Pump Action
(Phil Captain III McNally) 4 mins

Desert For Exiles

(Andrew Frazer) 15 mins

A Shot of Red Eyes
(Slim Smith) 5 mins

No Think Zone

(Zlatzo Ivanisevik) 7 mins

Andares in Time of War

(Alejandra Jimenez) 51/2 mins

The Affectionate Punch
(Thor Adam Goodhall) 6 mins

(Sarah Bowen) 10 mins

The Last Road
(Arno Coewen) 18 mins