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28th February 2001, 6-11pm
Beat Bar 265 Portobello Road
6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

Made In The U.S.A.


A Walk Within
(Trillium Forest) 16 mins
A study of the relatiohship between dance and environmental mysticism.

(Van Phan) 5mins
A minimalistic study of the relationship between a father & son.

Kingdom of Poet ‘O’
(Dennis Karsten) 9mins
The extrovert poet ‘O’ wants to change the world but in his own way.

(Kent Boswell) 7mins
A man confronts his problematic life and finds a novel solution.

The Offering
(Paul Lee) 10mins
A tale of love between two Buddhist monks.

The Shangri-la Café

(Lily Mariye) 19mins
A Japanese-American restaurant owner confronts rascism in 1959 Las Vegas.

Bad City Blues
(Michael Stevens) 117mins
A psychological thriller about the relationship between two men.

7th March 2001, 6-11pm
Beat Bar 265 Portobello Road
6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

Urban Gangsters II


Bad Day For Clayton Barnes

(Mark Williams) 24 mins
An attempted robbery goes badly wrong with comical results.

Don’t Walk
(Tom Heaney & Colin McMalis) 11 mins
A small time criminal reflects on his wife and his relashionship with his uncle.

Pure Energy
(Koojai Chuhan) 16 mins
A young Asian footballer falls victim to drug abuse and a possible life of crime.

Buzz Towe
(Natural Eye) 9 mins
A dealer has a new cosmic drug for sale.

The Walk
(Olukunle Kuf) 17 mins
A manon death row awaits his executation.

Eye Can See
(Ivan Kavanagh) 31 mins
A man’s life falls apart after picking up a hitchhiker

(Farren Black Burn) 14 1/2 mins
Craig and Dean are lootersd but when a routune break-in leads to a morbid discovery. Craig shows remarkable tenderness.

Green Monkey
(Ian Spracking) 10 mins
Three different prespectives of the same security.

Binary Beey
(Osita Aneke) 10 mins
Travel card hustlers on the job.

Mersey Cop

(Matt Routlegde) 41 mins
A Kung Fu fighting Cop confronts crime on the street of Liverpool.