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14th February 2001
Beat Bar 265 Portobello Road
6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

Love Night


A Telephone Call By

(Ana Garito) 9 mins

A Two Minute Film About Relashionships
(Leigh Collins) 2 mins

(Patricia Lalla) 10 mins

Cross Roads
(Rosanna Negrotti) 20 mins

(Andreas Franck) 7 mins

As If
(Christian Meyerl) 12 mins

(Justine Pearsall) 5 mins
A woman’s obsession with bottoms. Watch out for special guest appearance of the jelly.

The Truth is...

(Lawce Brinded) 11 mins

The Same But Different
(Wade A. Jacks) 18 mins

Eyes Wide Shut
(Alan Entwisle) 5 mins

The Millenium Men
(Sarah Spilla) 10 mins

Plenty More Fish In The Sea
(Susie Lindeman) 7 mins

I’m Not In Love
(Christiana Ebohow) 22 mins

The Ballon
(Tom Whitemore) 11 mins

(Adam Baker) 10mins

Look Of Love
(Lova Hamilton) 9 mins

21th February 2001
Beat Bar 265 Portobello Road
6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films



A Breath of Dust
(Nassin Abassi) 26 mins
A TV reporter accidentally comes across two desparate assassins while shooting a film about homeless people.

(John Burns) 10 mins
A man attempts to murder his wife, but it’s more difficult than expected.

The Rules of Golf
(Hugh McGrory) 5 mins
A young boy takes his revenge on two thugs after a vicious attack.

Non Compos Mentis
(Ernie Brennan) 5 mins
A young girl finds a cold solution to a sexually offensive butcher.

The Scent of Burning Morter
(Andrew MacKay) 15 mins
Two friends have money problems which unfortunately brings about an encounter with the Burning Mortar Crew.

(Richard Matthews) 7 mins
Three young people settle down for a peaceful pint, but are disturbed by a troupe of Morris dancers and take their revenge.

(Piet Kroon) 12 mins
Two lovers have a dramatic affair that ends in murder. A story told in reverse order.

Last Chance
(Bill Boatman) 20 mins
A young woman is in the wrong place at the wrong time and things can only get worse.

Eating Bitter
(Jason Lehel) 45 mins
Two people meet at a sports club. Is this accidental or is there something more sinister afoot?

Boys & Men
(Sean Hinds) 40 mins
A man kidnaps an old school acquaintance and subjects him to a brutal self examination.