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31st January 2001 (6-11pm)
Beat Bar 265 Portobello Road
6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

Films by Tibetan

Hosted by Meridian Trust Buddhist Film and Video Archive.

Screenings include:

Walking The Path of Peace

Unreleased footage from Meridian’s archive of His Holiness the Dalai Lama meeting victims of violence and local peacemakers during his visit to Northern Ireland last year.

Shadow Circus

(Ritu Sarin & Tensing Sonam) 50mins
The little known story of the CIA’s involvement in the Tibetan resistance movement.

The Cup
(PG) (Khyentse Norbu), 1998,
Australia/ Bhutan)
Orgyen Tobgyal, Jamyang Lodro, Lama Chonjor. 93 mins.


The first ever feature by Bhutanese Director
Khyentse Norbu, “The Cup” is the true story of two tibetan boys, sent to a
monastery-in-exile in India for a Buddhist education, but distracted by World Cup-obssessed roommates. It’s shot entirely on location at an Indian monastery and using only real monks as actors. The Film affectionately compares and contrasts his spiritual obsession with France 98, with the other Monks’ longing to return to their spiritual home- Tibet.
7th February 2001
Beat Bar 265 Portobello Road
6-8pm: Bring Your Own Films

Horror Night

The Golden Locust
(Kevin Kea Ting) 9 mins
Magicians conjure up a dead wizard with unpredictable results.

The House of Nightmare
(David Barker) 12 mins
A man spends the night in a lonely house and unknown to him shares it with a Ghost.

Nightmare 3
(Mohssin Farajj) 10 mins
A man tries to escape his nightmare but no matter how hard he tries there in no other way.

Inspector Zucker Vs Gorgo
(Jan Manthey) 20 mins
The mysterious Inspector Zucker once again battles his Arch enemy Professor Shatwor with his mad plans to take over the world.

Nuclear Zombie Overload
(Oliver Irving) 34 mins
Comic parody of the Horror Genre, and a Homage to Zombie Movies.

Bondi Hophead Zombie Freakout
(Kent Boswell) 5mins
Two young guys are trying to score some gear. They end up buying some blue weed with mysterious side effects.

Brian The Apeshit Serial Killer

(Steve Kendrick Sandman) 5mins
A desperate and dangerous man is on the loose.

The Cricket Bat

(Scott Flockhart) 15mins
A family funeral brings back horrific family memories

The Attic
(Simon Sleap) 15mins
A young woman inherits her grandmother’s house and moves in. But is she alone?


(Sarah Bowen) 10mins
A woman on a lone car journey drives through a landscape which is haunted by a violent incident. The Ghosts pull her back to confront the past.

Deus Ex Machina
(Alan Randall) 15mins
A woman’s sexual encounter in a nightmare situaton.

Deep Freeze

(Virginia Heath) 15mins
A young woman inherits a fridge, but this is not a normal freezer.