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17 January 2001 (6-11pm)
Beat Bar 265 Portobello Road
(6-8pm:Bring Your Own Films)

Gay & Lesbian Selection:

To Future With Love (David Graham) 15'
Upbeat, non-judgmental film about current attitudes to HIV.

Below The Belt (Nigel Barton) 15'
A romantic encounter that has unpredictable consequences.

My Primary Lover Never Hollywood Kissed Me (Lisa Gornick) 15'
Ella, at seven, wants to be her mother’s Hollywood lover and rescue her from a bad marriage. 20 years later she finds herself in an abusive relationship with her girlfriend.

Kalin’s Prayer (De Sales) 30'
A love story between two women of different backgrounds and lifestyles.

A Coffee And A Fag (Vesna Court) 12'
A working day in the life of a gay cafe called 'The Old Crompton Gate Café'.

Rhythm & Blues (Stephen Lennhoff) 90'
A gay comedy about rent boys and sugardaddies with original songs by Marc Almond.

24 January 2001 (6-11pm)
Beat Bar
265 Portobello Road
(6-8pm:Bring Your Own Films)

Anarchy In The UK:
An evening of films with a Punk Rock theme.

Occult Art (Stephen Archetti) 10'
A young artist is employed by a successful female artist. Why is she so friendly?

Nightmare Of The Vanities

(Steven Santa Cruz Booth) 15'
A punky look at skin care and horror.

Loop (Tucker D’Avila Wood) 20'
Felix attempts to ride around a traffic round about 5700 times in less than 24 hours.

Minsk Girl (Anne Thew) 5'
An abstract look at girls from Minsk.

The Doll's House (Scott Flockhart) 7'
The nightmare of family relationships.

The Persistence Of Memory
(Anthony Atanasio) 5'
A dying man’s life flashes before him.

1977 (Jeremy Webb) 14'
A young man’s life is influenced by the birth of punk rock.

Outsider (Andrej Kosak) 1.45'
A young man rebels against the Communist status quo by forming a punk rock band.