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Wednesday 20 December 2000
Beat Bar 265 Portobello Road

Portobello Film Festival Christmas Party

Bring Tour Own Films 6-8pm

A selection of pop videos you may have missed featuring acts from local record companies:
Rough Trade
Palm Pictures
Wall Of Sound

I ncluding work from:
Nick Cave
Guy Ritchie
The Clash
Definition Of Sound
Kylie Minogue
Add N to X
Einsurzende Neubaten
Massive Attack
Sinead O’Connor
Death In Vegas

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10 January 2001 (6-11pm)
Beat Bar
265 Portobello Road
(6-8pm:Bring Your Own Films)

Coming Soon (Arthur Lager) 9'
Home made horror film.

Known Associate (Gregory J. Crosbie) 8'
Two old friends meet under peculiar circumstances.

Listening In (Jonathan Vernon) 6'
A husband accidentally overhears his wife making love to another man, and takes unusual action.

Mavis And The Mermaid (Juliet McKoen) 15 mins
Whimsical fantasy starring Sylvia Sims and Eric Sykes.

Whitewash (Dean Koonjul) 10'
A graffitti artist and a council white washer struggle to express themselves on the same patch of wall.

I’m Frank Morgan (Paul Murphy) 20'
A loan shark reflects on his past and his personal weakness.

Marble Mountain (Cosima Spender) 15'
A conversation between a marble salesman
and a sculptor and their views on marble and its magic.

Imitators (Richie Winearls 1996, UK) 95'
Starring Gary Beadle. This was the first of the post modern UK gangster geezer pics, aptly named for the spawn it produced. A bunch of no brain Ecstasy muppets plot a bank robbery in between rows and raves...