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6 December 2000. 6-11pm
Beat Bar, 265 Portobello Road

No7 (Terence Alan Williams) 5
A neglectful father and errant husband attempts to heal his relationship with his family by making supper.

Park Stories (Smita Bhide) 10
Secrets, confessions and no ordinary horse.

Advert 4 London (Hannah Chamberlain) 6
London juxtaposed to fast cuts.

Jimmy Riddle (Jo Hodges) 10
Jimmy Riddle is a heavy drinker who takes his relationship with his dog for granted.

Dark Mirrors (Stuart Pound) 5
Abstract advert with no product in sight.

Ho Ho Ho (J.J. Keith) 10
A small boy is determined to reaffirm his belief in Santa Claus.

Football (Gaby Delial) 10
A kid’s ambition to be a footballer, starring Helena Bonham Carter as his tarty mum.

Great Indoors (Rachael Tilotson) 10
A retired mountaineer decides to take dramatic action when life becomes to dull.

Daze (Sara Bowen) 10
A woman drives through a landscape, which is haunted by a violent incident.

(Shindo Kaze) 70
Bittersweet romance between gay and straight girls, from Japan.


13 December 2000. 6-11pm
Beat Bar, 265 Portobello Road

Composed (Young Mi Lee) 10
A composer is influenced by the sexual activities of his neighbours.

Numb (Alicia Duffy) 10 Slices of a girl’s experience as she negotiates the sexually charged world of a male paraplegic’s ward.

I Wash Therefore I am (Rob Smitts) 12
A couple of Hare Krishnas do their washing and ponder the Meaning Of Life. Winner of the Portobello Film Festival Golden Boot Award 2000.

Three (Issacs Julien) 5
Artistic dance documentary

Back In The Day (Femi Koloda) 15
Three childhood friends are reunited and try to recapture the past.

The Walk (Olukundale Kuforji) 15
A man takes his last walk to his execution.

4 Films by Duggie Fields: 20
Heck Of A Storm
The Big Riddle

Local artist Duggie Fields experiments with computer animation and music technology to create his latest work. Sexy, surreal and fun.

Elsewhere 10
A young boy discovers his dark past.

(Lech Majewski) 90
The self-destructive struggle of a Polish poet in the Communist era. The Basquiat of Warsaw.