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22 November 2000. 6-11pm
Beat Bar, 265 Portobello Road

Below the Belt (Tony Barton) 15
Tony, fifteen years Alison’s junior, reveals a secret which will lead her into a whole new adventure.

Sat’day (Jahrall Sen) 10
A young man’s rites of passage to adulthood.

The Ghost And The Crystal (Stuart Pound) 5 Re-working in video clips from a film made by Stuart Pound more than 30 years ago.

Small Change (Michael Cosgrove) 18 Powerful documentary about the morality of making documentaries.

I’m Frank Morgan (Paul Murphy) 17
A loan shark reflects on his past and his personal weakness.

Vacarrio’s Italian Pastry Shop (Turin) 10
The history of an Italian New York Shop. Stanley (Suzie Templeton) 7 Man falls in love with cabbage.

Pump Action (Philip Cackton/McNally) 5
The forces of vinyl take on the innocence of latex.

Pieta (Joachim Trier) 15
Julian tells the story of the loss of his best friend Jacob.

Bass Odyssey (Paul Kousalides) 15
Jaz and Naz are redistributors of insurance company wealth.

7 1/2 (Catherine Deus) 15
Linda, 15, runs away to the local gas station where she gets on everyone’s nerves.

Marble Mountain (Cosima Spender) 15
A conversation between a marble salesman and a sculptor and their views on marble and its magic.

The Routine (Jon Wright) 15
A man is violently attacked in his home.

Rough Week At The Warwick
(Jonathan Barnett) 30
Talent show, cricket match and Thames trip with The Roughians from The Warwick Castle pub, featuring Vic Reeves, Kevin Allen, Pete Singh, Ray Jones and the first ever Portobello Panto. A tribute to our recently deceased Trustee, John Gordon.



29 November 2000. 6-11pm
Beat Bar, 265 Portobello Road

Whitewash (Dean Koonjul) 10
A graffiti artist and a council whitewasher struggle to express themselves on the same patch of wall.

35 Aside (Damien O’Donald) 27
A boy, football and a kite, from the director of "East Is East".

In Loving Memory (Audrey O’Reilly) 12
Camcorder horror.

No Think Zone (Zoalt Ivansiviec) 7
Satiric look at the way media culture shapes our every day lives.

If You Go Down To The Woods
(Alan Denman) 15
An ordinary Sunday turns into a nightmare as Colin searches for his missing wife.

Beware Of Playing Children
(Cecilia Lundqvist) 2
A reflection of how incomprehensible it is when innocence turns to evil.

Angry Kid Bone (Darren Walsh) 5
Aardmans’ new in-depth series looks at the lifestyle and opinions of today’s youth.

Un Jour (Marie Paccou) 5
A woman wakes up with a man in her stomach.

When You’re Asleep (Marie Paccou) 2
Communication problems between men and women.

Two Minute Warning (Suzie Halewood) 2
What happens to people who make a noise in the cinema.

Short Cut (Gary Barber) 16
A retired barber’s story.

Spoke (Gary Barber) 5
The poetic physical and mental journey of a cyclist.

Mavis & The Mermaid (Juliet Mckoen) 15
Whimsical fantasy starring Sylvia Sims and Eric Sykes.

Loose Change (Kent Boswell) 5
The huge difficulties of trying to hail a taxi to get to a meeting on the other side of Manhattan.

Moo (Kent Boswell) 10
A man confronts his problems face to face, but with a twist.

Silicon Valerie (John Simpson) 20
A beauty queen and a priest meet on the road.

FESTIVAL FEATURE: The Real Notting Hill
(Wilf Macdonald Brown) 60
24 hours of the lives of delinquent 15 years old. Winner of Best Director at Portobello Film Festival 2000.