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Thursday 3rd February 2000
BEAT BAR, 265 Portobello Road, W10

Particularly popular was Bunny Dexter's Tatoo, again introduced by the film-maker herself. We like the Beat Bar very much and are applying for a license to run it there weekly.

Streetstyle Carnival 1999 (Scott Lister) 41 mins
A lively collection of views of the Notting Hill Carnival

A Mtnah Incident (David Fraser) 16 mins
A bar manager installs a talking bird in his pub to amuse the customers with unusual consequences

The Game (Francisco de Lucas) 30 mins
A girl becomes obsessed with a game she creates and can't help including her friends

Bewitched (Karen Hope) 10 mins
Ten year old Eve attempts to understand her mother's strange behaviour

PULP: Do You Remember The First Time? (Jarvis Cocker) 32 mins
A diverse group of celebrities recall losing their virginity

The Jesus Lizard (James Brett) 10 mins
Flickering images of the most censored live band in America

The Giveaway (Tom Deverell) 15 mins
The film follows the trail of a bag of money

Bugger Off (Roddy Mansfield) 7 mins
Using his camcorder, Roddy goes off to find out why MI5 and BT are taking an unusual interest in him

The Hole (Stephen Galvin) 8 mins 30 secs
A surreal romance, inspired by Eisenstein, celebrating the circularity of life

Dual Balls (Dan Zeff) 11 mins
A sexually excited schoolteacher's day at work

Guilt (Jonathan Barnett) 30 mins
Elizabeth, a young groupy, marries Rupert, a successful rock star. But her career takes off while his takes a dive. It is time for drastic action

Flight (Nikolay Moustakov) 2 mins
The story of a bumblebee

Ciderpunks (Joel Simon) 13 mins
Story of two not so radical ciderpunk girls

Dual Balls (Dan Zeff) 11 mins
A sexually excited schoolteacher's day at work


Thursday 9 March 2000
265 Portobello Road, W10

Loop-Hole (Simon Richardson)
An abstract animation. Homeless and their

(Bunny Dexter)
A documentary, which shows the loving relationship between the homeless and their dogs.

Three Questions (R.Hidaka)
Jean-Luc Godard has nothing to teach this filmmaker in the art of asking absurd questions.

Under Pressure (unknown director)
An old man tells a tale of wisdom.

Still Buzzin (Tom Vaughan)
A man on a drug-induced trip doesn’t want the party to stop.

Nobody Gets Hurt
(James Napoi)
An actor who gets typecast as a villain meets someone who can’t tell realty from fiction with dramatic results.

Attitude Adjuster (Deborah Fergusion)
A little girl changes her local environment with her magic spray.

Cold Cops Wet Fish (Dominick Reyntiens)
Two cops have a strange and painful form of torture.

Dignity (David J Byron)
Ringo has a psychological disease, which causes him gaseous problems, which has comical results.

The Train (Anne-Frederique Dujon)
A girl has a very strange train journey.

Claustrofoamia (Brian Griffin)
A man prepares for his dream encounter.

Cold (Ben Bland)
A girl has a dream of sleeping with a local boy but what happens when the dream becomes reality?