7-20 December 2007

Admission Free

Portobello Film Festival
2nd London Film Makers Convention

The second London Film Makers Convention in December (7 - 20th at Westbourne Studios, W10, & Inn On The Green, W10) is where all London film makers from top independent production houses to DIY Tim Burtons can show their latest work hot off the edit suite to each other and the general public, register as delegates and attend free masterclasses, Q&As and seminars, and meet up and plot the future of the British film industry.



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Tuesday 16 December 2008

Admission Free

Portobello Film Festival Christmas Party 2008

Inn On The Green

Screen One


Barry Cox; The Chinese Dream      Nick Ahlmark 8 minutes U  

The story of Barr Cox, a Liverpudlian who sings Chinese Pop in the mega casinos of Macao.

ReOrder Sean Garrity 14 minutes 12A

Janet's infidelity is revealed to her fiance Kyle. He refuses to talk about it, instead taking refuge in an elaborate ritual.

Poor Sable Tomcat Thomas M. Bauselwein 15 minutes U         

The lazy airline - officer Benjamin has to find the missing tomcat of a passenger and needs to convince his boss not to fire him. 

Mental Notes Carey Williams 18 minutes 15     

Brothers Colin and Bernard Hope run Hope Hospital, a care home for the mildly confused. Narrated by Christopher Timothy.  


Like Me, Only Better Martin Pickles 6 minutes 12       

A laconic comedy about neuroses, Catholicism and Prozac.  

Krane Und Bagger Leonore Poth 5 minutes U   

Crane and digger are in war. One day a digger falls in love with a crane

Ornaments Aaron Erimez 5 mins U   

A mischievious little Christmas decoration has a hunger for some cookies.       

Santa Corp. Gavin O' Grady 3 minutes U 

Two corporate executives pitch new ideas for Christmas to Santa Claus.

The Brain Of Dr Strom Kevin Maynard 10 minutes 15       

Is the undead monster in the smart tweed suit destined to walk once more?

Project Ion Dawn Westlake 10 mins 15

Latest film from US director Westlake set in the house of Antony from Red Hot Chilli Peppers.      

The Dance Of The Toxic Frog Spawn James Baker 3 minutes 12A           

A radioactive object sets off a novel unreeling of events amongst some pond life.

As Chic As It Gets Lisa Nash 3 minutes U        

Art short.   

Little Dinosaurs Dana Dorian 2 minutes 12        

A 5 year old boy and his father discuss how a group of small dinosaurs can stop a big dinosaur from picking on them..   

Last Man Standing Graeme Webb 6 minutes   12A 

A stop motion Ninja spaghetti western.        

Squeak The Mouse Mauricio Mazza        5 minutes  12A 

A violent pursuit between cat and mouse inspired at the original Italian comics from Massimo Mattioli.        


It Happened Here Natalie Hitchcock 3 mins U

Portobello Film Festival curate an evening of films and art at the Louise T Blouin Institute      

Baron Samedi Dan Macmillan 7 minutes 18        

Legend had it that Johnson evoked the voodoo deity Baron Samedi to the crossroads and bartered his mortal soul to play guitar.

The Town that Boars Me Ben Charles Edwards 15 minutes            

Pig Boy, now banished from the town, returns at nightfall to torment the local women, to satisfy his insatiable fetish for high heel shoes.

Sweeper  Benjamin Collins & Matthew Esterhuizen      1 minute    12 

A revenge story between a litterbag and a London sweeper robot.    

Because There Are Things You Never Forget Lucas Figueroa 13 minutes            15      

They'll never play with their ball again ... and for that the revenge will be deadly.

Shock Doctrine Alfonso Cuaron  13 minutes 15         

Based on the book by Naomi Klein, and produced by the director of The Prisoner Of Askaban.     

Time Patrol Jasmin Jodry 3 minutes 12     

Gray men walk around in the metropolis and steal time from everyday people.


The Good, The Bad & The Skanked Black Eye 20 mins 18

Hardcore humour from the baddest comedy crew in town.

Access Of Evil         Clyde Forrester 4 minutes  12    

A satirical look back at the presidency of George W.Bush.

Unfortunate Son Greg Wilcox 3 minutes 18      

Americans' love affair with the military begins when they are young.

Gasoline Blood David Pope 9 minutes 15        

Three youngsters in a disused warehouse soon find themselves facing mad zombies inbreds.

SF Stuart Pound 9 minutes U     

When I first saw The Seventh Seal, a game of chess played with the personification of death seemed strangely odd to me, not so now.


Alternative Miss World 2004 Jes Benstock 50 mins 15

A humorous look at the last Alternative Miss World pageant hosted by Andrew Logan  


Screen Two


Guitar Holiday Dennis Conway 47 minutes U   

Guitar Holiday is an exciting documentary portrait of the guitar makers of Parcho Michoacan and the Mexican National Guitar Festival.    


Glastonbury 2008 Vesna Orel 45 minutes 15

Visual fragments of this year's festival from the position of residing inside spiritually orientated tipi field.                                          


The Silence After Torsten Meyer 50 minutes 15        

Documentary about the final weeks of the infamous New York City punk club CBGBs featuring Bllondie and Patti Smith


Wanna Be Free Rybojed David         52 minutes 12   

From the heart of the Notting Hill Carnival:  the history of Caribbean people of London, the history of London's melting pot


Brown Punk Tricky 60 mins 18

Mafioso Elliott Gould dispatches Tricky to find a lot of match funding for his investment in the Massive Attackers new label.


There will also be a display of pictures taken at this year's Portobello Film Festival by Jeanne N'Dour.

Programme subject to change.




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