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29 January 2006
Tavistock Crescent
London W11
12­ 11pm/ Bring your own films all night
Bring Your Own Films 6pm ­ 7pm
Admission Free

Withnail & I


Inn On The Green
3 ­ 5 Thorpe Close
London W10 (Nearest tube Ladbroke Grove)
14 December 2005
6 ­ 11pm/ Bring your own films all night
Admission Free

Having A Laugh:
A Christmas Comedy Special

Nick Hodder 15 minutes 15 

Most goalkeepers are complete fruitcakes! And Peter Glover is no different. 

Roboclaus Robert Johnston, Joel Henderson & Stuart Sharp 13 minutes 15

Santa is replaced by a robot and the implications are greater than anyone imagined.

Six Foot  Six Graham Ball 5 minutes 15

Three telephone boxes, a million possibilities, one huge lump of revenge.

Disconnected Jane McGee 5 minutes U 

All is not as it should be in this comic tale of low budget living.

Hanging Plant Rick Mowat 7 minutes 15

A plant waterer gets hung out to dry in an uncompromising position.

Paper Anniversary Joern Utkilen 10 minutes 15

A woman wants to make a baby with her husband. In the end she gets her way. 

Big Bother Garry Moore 10 minutes 15

Garry’s insistence on setting Debbie daily tasks strains their fragile relationship.

The Braai Shaun Cairns 5 minutes 12

A short film about five men and their barbeque. 

Above & Below With James Trueman Matt Taylor 7 minutes 15 

James Truman investigations lead him from Walthamstow to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Poulet ­ Poulet Damien Chemin 10 minutes U

Choosing from a menu is harder than you think. A Chinese puzzle -French style. 

Hearts, Minds and Arms Geoff Bussetil  10 minutes 15

A Presidential speech writer’s day is ruined by a bad case of collateral damage.

Holly ­ Bolly  Dishad Husain 13 minutes 15

Two young film makers are forced to make the ultimate cross-genre film.

Viva Liberty! Dishad Husain 20 minutes 15 

Woody Ali finds himself taking a holiday in America’s notorious “Camp Liberty”. 

Super-Anon Stephen H Plitt 10 minutes 12A 

Superheroes get all the glory - sending their untalented relatives into therapy!

Face Ache Ann Cattrall 13 minutes 15 

Graham manifests an extraordinary ability to solve crimes with his acne.

Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom  (My Name is Yu Ming) Daniel O’Hara 13 minutes U 

Chinese Gaelic student Yu Ming is puzzled that nobody understands a word he says. 

Fluent Dysphasia Daniel O’Hara 17 minutes 12A 

There’s nothing funny about fluent dysphasia

Trailer Trash  Paul Bruce & Arthur Finlay 10 minutes 15 

An alternative history of Scottish cinema, where roam crack addict mountain Gorillas, Sax-playing teenage messiahs and minituarized toilet roll!

Me, My Swami And I Graham Higgins  10 minutes 12A 

Anita Singh meets a Guru at the supermarket. But is he really a Fakir or just a fake.

Out On A Limb Nicholas Prideaux 10 minutes 18 

A blackly comic look at the destructive nature of controlling  relationships. 



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