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23 November 2005 
The Inn On The Green
3-5 Thorpe Close
London W10 (Nearest tube Ladbroke Grove)
6 ≠ 11pm/ Bring your own films all night
Admission Free

Films From  All Around The World

Serious Fitness
Alexander Maryagin 25 minutes 15

14 years old Masha wishes to live the beautiful and dazzling life she sees in an expensive fitness centre.

Shell Ear Satoru Sugita 35 minutes 15    

The husband of dementia wanders about in search of public telephone in order to telephone a wifeís cellular phone

Lost Child Martin Barnewitz 13 minutes U     

A Danish woman loses her daughter at a Lithuanian train station.

Vortice Marzio Mirabella and Massimo Stella 7 minutes 12A          

A water mirror like a passage for another world. But wonder becomes a trap if youíre watching TV having a bath.   

Narrow & Chilled Kang Kyu Hun Gori 20 minutes 15        

A daughter keeps trying to get into the refrigerator

Photograbber Pascal Tosi 20 minutes 12A         

Set in 1952, this is a tale about a unique camera that captures reality. When the photos rebel against the photographer (a charming, henpecked toymaker) a battle begins.

Butterfly Yan Yan Mak 120 minutes 15

A thirty-year-old high school teacher always does what people expect, until one day destiny introduces her to a charming kid-woman who is eating hungrily in a supermarket. Flavia is deeply attracted to the woman and her long dormant desire is rekindled.


Inn On The Green
3 ≠ 5 Thorpe Close
London W10 (Nearest tube Ladbroke Grove)
30 November 2005
6 ≠ 11pm/ Bring your own films all night
Admission Free

Non Stop Latest UK Shorts

Fierce Vexation of a Dream
  Gavin Henry & Toby Morgan Hitchcock 30 minutes 15

A Midsummer Nightís Dream set in a contemporary context.

21 Frames Per Second Samuel George 17 minutes 12        

One night while helping out in the local cinema Dylan discovers a world outside.

Cappuccino Mario Hamad 10 minutes 12             

Metropolitan Portobello fiction of a young man who flirts with dreams.

Televisual Man Steve Piper 5 minutes 12A           

The Orwellian peice has found further relevance in the age of reality TV.

The Morning After Ross Aitken 5 minutes 15     

Can you ever feel remorse if you donít know what you did?

The Tulgey Wood Jamie Bishop 5 minutes 15      

An adaptation of Lewis Carrolís Jabberwocky poem.

Canít Go Back Chris McAleese 7 minutes 12A    

A bizarre vision of a world where time is running backwards. . . or is it?

Mowing The Lawn Michael Bentham 10 minutes U         

A 20th -century pioneer faces taking the first steps into the complete unknown.

Split Milk Ryan Philips 15 minutes 15    

Byron decides to write the perfect script. . .with unusual consequences.   

The Rope Philippe Andre 10 minutes 15 

A young woman awakes in a strange town that she does not recognise

My Guardian Angel  Stuart Fryer 15 minutes 15 

A desperate, lonely young man discovers that there is someone for everyone.       

Richard III Max Day 55 minutes 15         

An adaptation of Shakespeareís  play set on a modern Brighton council estate.      

Creep    Jane Linfoot 15 minutes 15            Ď

Christopherís dad disappeared without trace six months ago.

The Match Leon Chambers 15 minutes 15             

Set on the eve of Englandís crucial Euro 2000 football game against Germany.

Pater Familas Richard Gartner 13 minutes 15       

A surreal psychological drama about the Oedipal world of father- son relationships.

A Feast  Of Friends John K. Webster 17 minutes 18         

Four businessmen de-stress for the weekend by indulging in a  bit of cannibalism.  


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