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9 November  2005 
The Inn On The Green
3-5 Thorpe Close
London W10 (Nearest tube Ladbroke Grove)
7pm ≠ 11pm
Bring Your Own Films 6pm ≠ 7pm
Admission Free

21st Century Documentary

Terence Davies on The Trilogy Andy Kimpton-Nye  23 minutes 15

In an entertaining Ďface to faceí, Terence Davies sheds light on how his ground breaking Trilogy of 70ís shorts came about.

The Student, The Nun & The Amazon James Newton 30 minutes 12A

A 28 minute special on US missionary Dorothy Stang, recently murdered in the Amazon for her fight against illegal logging. Filmed before her death, the story follows a UK student as he travels to find Dorothy and discover the issues that ultimately lead to death.

American Beauties Sun Tae Huang 23 minutes 15 

You cannot measure a woman by her penis. Documentary about four transgenders.

To Die No More James Goldcrown 30 minutes 15

James Goldcrown highlights the tragedy of the HIV/AIDS orphan status in Africa. We see James move around JíBurg visiting different homes that care for children who have been orphaned by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Throughout the film, James interacts with various carers and volunteers at institutions and hospices as well as informal settlements. The aim of the film is to raise awareness globally about HIV/AIDS and to try to detach the long serving stigma that people affiliate with the virus.

Gadis Dilemma The Story of an Israeli Officer Georg Hasler  55 minutes 15 

A young Israeli officer, who grew up in Switzerland but moved to Israel with his family when he was a teenager, tries to approach his country again after a long stay abroad. 

Hasta Siempre (Until Always) Ishmahil Blagrove 55 minutes 15 

Having embraced tourism in the 90ís, Cuba has begun to witness many changes which now threaten to undermine the integrity of its revolution. Consumerism, racial discrimination, prostitution and the re-emergence of class divides. Hasta Siempre takes you on a journey through the lives of ordinary Cubans, and ask the forbidden question: can the revolution survive after the demise of Fidel Castro?

Taxi Driver XL Kaan Sensoy  20 minutes 15 

A taxi driverís pesrpective on Amsterdam.


Inn On The Green
3 ≠ 5 Thorpe Close
London W10 (Nearest tube Ladbroke Grove)
16 November  2005
7pm ≠ 11pm
Bring Your Own Films 6pm ≠ 7pm
Admission Free

Animation Station

A Tough Crowd Rune Eriksson / Erik Eriksson 5 minutes 12A

Itís is talent night at The Black Cat and a man from Mars gets help from his rabbit, when facing a tough crowd.

Babysitting Rune Eriksson / Erik Eriksson 20 minutes 15 

Little Igor finds out babysitting with his father means enjoying his company. Especially if a game of football is on the telly. 

Penterghast Tobias Tobbell 7 minutes 15 

A dark tale of a deformed teacher persecuted and bullied by her students. Eventually she is driven over the edge and shows them all how far they pushed her.

Actaeon Vaughan Pilikian 10 minutes 12A 

Animated retelling of the myth of Acteaon and Artemis.

Pirouette Franca Chretien 7 minutes 12A

A young bird finds itself the prisoner of an unknown captor with an unusual agenda.

Screen Culture Neil Baker  10 minutes U

Screens dominate a society whose citizens have become square-eyed. And locked in a cycle of screen based interaction and consumption. Until a chance encounter with an outsider causes one man to realise there is an alternative to this opressive existence. 

Hambre  (Hunger) Javier Garcia Castellanos & Roberto Prades 7 minutes 15

In a little town lived a mother and her daughter. They had nothing to eat and they had much HUNGER. 

Tadeo Jones Enrique Gato  7 minutes U 

Stubborn, vain and tender at the same time, Tadeo is a unusual explorer who cannot avoid getting into trouble. In his first adventure, Tadeo enters into a Pyramid and meets an unusual family of mummies.

Immortal Coil Andrew Purtell 7 minutes 15

In the distant future, when the human race is long extinct. Two  species of machine fight a pre-programmed battle for eternal life. 

Oedipus  Jason Wishnow 10 minutes 12A 

The story of Oedipus in 8 mins performed by vegetables in the tradition of Ben-Hur.

VOC / VIP Holland Experience Arno Coenen & Peter Leeuwerink 15 minutes 15

Surreal cyberview on Dutch glory, tradesmanship, and the fine arts.

Zero Degree Omid Khashnazor 10 minutes 15

Because of his villain act, a soldier is captured in the camera. He killed a man, and the camera wants to take revenge.

Cuilin Dualach Nora Twomey  13 minutes U

Born with his head on backwards, Cuilin Dualach has been shunned and mocked by all but his loving mother. Then one day, he discovers he can do something better than anyone else.

Flight Fiction Jan Graf Von Der Pahlen 70 minutes 15

In the future an evil dictator has taken over the world. He rules the people in a detestable way and he banned milk. This film shows the struggle of four heroic men who decided to fight the Evil One and his army of German clone soldiers

This fine fantasy is made of stop frame lego animation.




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