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26 October 2005 
The Inn On The Green
3-5 Thorpe Close
London W10
6pm ­ 11pm
Admission FREE

Art With A Capital F

6:00pm ­ 7:00pm

Bring Your Own Film plus surprises

7:00pm  Are Dreams Made Of This? Lena Mattsson 3 minutes 15 

Homage to the painter Francis Bacon and the Swedish Theatre Company Dopareus Dag. 

Festival Kathryn Mackinnon 3 minutes U 

Film/poem documenting the strange ritual of bullfighting in Seville.

When She Fell In Love With London Simon Hammett 2 minutes U

Creating an illusionary and fascinating environment entirely from still images.

Der Doppelganger  Stuart Pound 10 minutes

A video portrait of “him” by ”him”, the artist and his lifelong obsession with images of woman.

Face To Face Renata Szur 3 minutes 15

An experimental portrait about a gloriously broken girl. 

Televisual Man Steve Piper 5 minutes 12A 

The piece explores Orwellian concepts of enforced surveillance.

VOC/VIP Holland Experience Arno Coenen & Peter Leuwerink 15 minutes 15 

Surreal cyberview on Dutch glory, tradesmanship, and the fine arts. 

Portobello Love Letter Ken Macdonald 5 minutes U

Lament for passing Portobello set to “On The Street Where You Live”.

Flux Kika Nicolela & Suzy Okamato 10 minutes 15

A body defies its’ exterior and wanders through the path from impotence to vital force.

Strip 333 Emma & Paul Blackwood 3 minutes 18

An animated cross-undressing burlesque strip. There’s more to this than funny handshakes! 

One Useless Prick Emma Blackwood 7 minutes 18 

A story of 21st century love - batteries not included. Carry On meets Acid House. 

8:00pm John Wheeler ­ Clean Break Films Showcase 30 minutes 15

A selection of new work from the greatest undiscovered Video Artist of our time. Master of Final Cut Pro.

Victim 2: Supervixen Chi Yu 30 minutes 15

Winner of Best Artists Work In Moving Image at Portobello Film Festival 2005.

9:00pm  Chris Cunningham Showcase 40 minutes 18

An evening of music videos by Chris Cunningham featuring Aphex Twin, Leftfield and Bjork.

Al & Al Showcase featuring Hard Drive 8 minutes 18 & Perpetual Motion 6 minutes 18

“Looks and sounds glorious, with a cast including the Lamb Of God and Britney Spears” The Guardian

10:00pm  Journey Into Colour Alex & George Martinez 25 minutes 15 

Spray can art demystified by the man who painted Portobello Road.

Singing Anymore Natasha Morris 5 minutes15

8 football fans singing their team’s song of chant, alone, in that team’s ground.

And on the big screen in the bar all night History Of The Mutoid Waste Company and Joe Rush, featuring the stars of Julian Temple’s up and coming Glastonbury movie.


Inn On The Green
3 ­ 5 Thorpe Close
London W10 (Nearest tube Ladbroke Grove)
2  November  2005
7pm ­ 11pm
Bring Your Own Films 6pm ­ 7pm
Admission Free

Contemporary Spanish
Cinema Shorts

David Blanco 15 minutes 15

Victor, a writer kidnapped by the Argentina military dictatorship, requests a last wish before his execution.

Viernes (Friday) Xavi Puebla 15 minutes 12A 

Today is a different day. Today is Friday!

The Mask Fernando Uson 10 minutes 12A 

A walk through the work of sculptor Pablo Gargallo.

Stolen Traces Sonia Trigo 10 minutes U

Enri Queta relates her eviction caused by the realisation of an international event. 

Barbed Wire Anibal Calcines 3 minutes 12 

All walls are a boundary, and their function is restrictive. Said awaits his moment of freedom.

My Night Virginia Romero 5 minutes U 

Ghost start to appear around Circe and she thinks about all she has lost.

AS Muxicas Carlos Alberto Alonso 20 minutes 15 

An elderly couple live in a humble house, far away from civilisation, in the middle of nowhere.

Mother: A Mystery Fairy Tale Axel Dettoni 17 minutes 12A 

A woman faced with the maternity, death and reconciliation. 

The Sacrifice Arturo Pons 10 minutes 12A

A desperate man holds a gun in one hand and a mobile phone in the other. He will make a sacrifice. 

Gwendolyne, My First Friend In The City  Juan Manuel Beiro Martinez 13 minutes 15

Through a personal ad in a daily paper Nacho meets Gwendolyne, a fragile and eccentric girl.

Sunny Exterior Diego Taboada 15 minutes 15 

While Nacho stays at home to translate Japanese text, Paz goes out to work.

Effect and Cause Silvia Maria Monterde Diaz 17 minutes 12A 

The Mercedes of Paula Costa, a young and elegant businesswoman, has broken down.

Pernocta  Alvaro  Gimenez Sarmiento 17 minutes 12A 

On the other side of the street, someone looks at a woman from a window. 

Miss Zuenig Sofia Teixeira-Gomes 7 minutes U

Miss Zuenig lives high in the skies to be near the planes that fly by.

Restless Soul Luis Arribas de la Cruz  17 minutes 15 

Alba starts working at a tavern for food and a bed. Soon she will regret having ever walked into that place. 

Quadrilaterial Jose Carlos Ruiz  17 minutes 15

Four characters with no name, incapable of expressing their feelings, love without being loved.

Light Alvaro Gimenez Sarmiento 13 minutes 18

Soreya is a drug addict and her baby is on the verge of entering the adoption process. 

When The First Star Lights Up The Sky Inaki Martikorena 7 minutes 12

Tomorrow at dawn two men battle in a duel. One of them hasn’t got a hat.

In This Year On Ines Enciso 10 minutes 12 

Vicenta likes the TV, her granddaughter, and her son, 

Hunger Javier Garcia Castellanos, Roberto Prades 7 minutes 15 

In a little town lived a mother and her daughter. They had nothing to eat and they had much hunger.




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