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    Video Cafe No. 3   Video Cafe No. 4

December 1998
Venture Centre, Wornington Road, W10

At Video Cafe no3, we presented a selection of films reflecting a slightly skewed Christmas feelgood factor including Mary Caine's geomantic epic 'The Glastonbury Zodiac' in the club room and Tom Vague's situationist spin on all the films made in or about W11 from 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks' to 'Performance' on the main screen along with a multi-media performance from Dragon (star of Gimpo's Enema).

Screen2 : Funky Festive Feeelgood Factor [For Frank Capra].

Glastonbury Zodiac Mary Caine (55 mins).
A magical exploration of the collision of landscape, archaeology, astrology and legend

The Majesty of The Haunt Sean Garland (12 mins).
An Irish bard, a young girl, a foetus in a temple, a Christian Brother and a gorgeous loch feature in a heartbreaking elegy to the Irish abortion laws.

Words From My Father Gary Amer (10 mins).
A soldier returns from World War One with a letter for the son of a dead comrade.

Fifty Quid Hester Clarke (7 mins). The triumph of nature over money.

Hammerman Andy Shelley (8 mins). A talentless man tries to get into showbusiness

A Mynah Incident David Fraser (16 mins).
A landlord installs a talking bird in his pub to amuse his customers.

Stringer and Costello Charles Waples (52 mins).
Two crooks, a bag of money, Brighton and Launderetttes.

Transit Piet Kroon (11 mins).
A beautiful art deco animated murderous puzzle.

Contrasts Mina Mileva (5 mins).
More artful animation.

Flight Nikolai Mousslakov (2 mins).
The story of a bumble bee.

February 1999
Venture Centre, Wornington Road, W10

In a belated celebration of Valentine's Day, we present a programme entitled 'Art or Sex?' with a selection of erotic and vulgar films celebrating various aspects of physical love including 'Stealth' by Brian Williams which was prosecuted unsuccessfully under the Obscene Publications Act and Clingfilm by Anna Thew which prompted the Arts Council to say they would never sponsor another sex film.

In the Video Cafe room we showed a selection of short clips from the last three years of the Portobello Film & Video Festival from Guy Ritchies "Hard Case" to Andy Shelley's Hammerman, from Murray Lachlan Young's original video for Simply Everyone's Taking Cocaine to rare footage of the late Scott La Rock in the mix.

Are these erotic movies art or porn? Are they entertaining or offensive? You decide.

Go Go Spankettes Donald Takeshita-Guy (20 mins).
A girl band's search for a pair of magic knickers.

The Girl Who Burst Jesus Balloon Donald Takeshita-Guy (10 mins).
Jesus returns as a sexy street performer.

The Tarnish Behind The Gold Ric Phillips (20 mins). An insiders look at some of the sadder aspects of the sex industry.

Stealth Brian Griffiths (20 mins).
Arthouse sexual activity.

Clingfilm Anna Thew (20 mins).
A passionate plea for the use of condoms.

Pervirella Joss Collins (90 mins).
Classic cult movie of a raunchy nymphet's adventures in a fantasy world.