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Thursday 29 October 1998
Venture Centre, Wornington Road, London W10

Portobello Film and Video Festival Greatest Hits. With world famous VJ Collins D. Warner

Tennants Lee Donaldson 14 mins.
A day in the life of a homeless schizophrenic.

Hard Case Guy Ritchie 20 mins.
Gangsters in Soho.

Majesty Of The Haunt Sean Garland 15 mins. Illegal abortion and magic in rural Ireland.

Cold Feet Kevin Chicken 15 mins.
An incompetent yuppie tries to kill himself.

Words From My Father
Gary Amer 12 mins. A soldier returns from war with a letter for the son of a dead comrade.

Hamerman Andy Shelley 8 mins.
A talentless man tries to get into show business.

Motorway Robin Thistlethwaite 18 mins. Urban love blossoms and crime, drugs, sex and corruption.

Concrete Enema Gimpo 5 mins.
Dragon has a quick setting concrete enema.

A Short Film About A Girl's Stomach Donald Takeshta Guy 6 mins.
Young girl has Elvis fixation.

The Girl Who Burst Jesus' Balloon
Donald Takeshta Guy 7 mins.
Jesus returns as a street performer.

Fastest Film Alive Arthur Lager 20 mins.
Hi speed Low life Cheap thrillsd.

Cricket Bat/Dolls House/Trapped
Scott Flockhart 25 mins.
A dark look at life.

Little Black Rocks In The Sun
Trash 2000 12 mins.
Abstract pop video.

Friday 27 November 1998
Venture Centre, Wornington Road, London W10

We showed a hilarious glove puppet film made by two 12 year old girls, an offline edit of a new BBC drama, and two terrific shorts by Jason Martin including Altman's Tongue.

Urban Gangsters is a persistent theme in contemporary film-making, inspired perhaps, by Quentin Tarantino, one of the first directors to break ranks from old-style values, and reflecting contemporary obsessions with lawlessness, peer pressure, drug addiction, financial imperatives in an unsympathetic society and retribution, this theme is a favourite from mainstream to street level film-makers.

Tonight on the clubroom screen we celebrate the cutting edge to this boisterous medium.

In A Blue Room Mike Hakarta 70 mins.
Thriller set on a Lancaster West Estate.

Bad Condition Trailer Larbi Oumghur 5 mins.
Trailer for the legendary Massive Videos Trellick Towers shoot out.

Da Baby Fada Kae Iden 6 mins.
Poverty + pregnancy = crime.

Blood Brothers Rashel Tashchian 3 mins.
Contemporary urban Cain and Abel.

Snap Kevin McMullen 15 mins.
Escaped convicts compete in a game of psychological warfare.

The Imitators Richie Winearls 90 mins.
A bank robbery goes horribly wrong.

The Hard Case Guy Richie 30 mins.
A bunch of lads in Soho are out of their depth in a hard stakes card game. (Debut short from the director of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels).