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Programme August 18

Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Road, London W10,
6pm - 11pm, Entry FREE

Food of Love

An evening of Music films, videos and documentaries including work from Ninja Tunes, Mute, Jetstar, Rough Trade, and Wall of Sound world premiere of Two Cultures Clash (Rick Elgood) filmed in Jamaica, with talk from the Director, and The Barracudas Surfers Are Back (Geoff Mann & John Wheeler) 25th Anniversary reunion show.
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Paradise, 19 Kilburn Lane, London W10,
7pm - 11pm, Entry FREE

Having A Laugh:
A night of comedy films including feature premiere The Rehearsal (James Tapp) about Brummies in London.
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Westway Sports Bar, Crowthorne Road, London W10, 16-20 August,
7pm - 11pm, Non Stop Video Cafe, Entry FREE

A selection of the maddest, baddest short films, music videos,

highlights every night plus Bring Your Own Films for late entries and deadline dodgers every night.


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