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Wednesday 18 August
The Paradise

The Paradise
19 Kilburn Lane
London W10
Entry FREE

Rendezvous Café Johnny Whitfield 5 minutes 12A    

Music video mixing Edward Munch’s painting “The Dance of Life” and Disney’s “Snow White”. Music Videos        


Fly Alessandro Mercuri 5 minutes 12     

Hypnotized by a new kind of electromagnetic signal, a man enters a television and discovers a different world. Music Videos 


Cool    Johnny Whitfield 10 minutes 12  

The Elephant Man from Guantanamo Bay to Whitley Bay or is it Vic Reeves’ man with the stick? Music Videos           


Running Man Philip Ward 3 minutes U 

Tells the story of how a man escapes from the city.

Music Videos           


15 RSM XXXp 30 minutes 12A     

Short experiences with time, cuts on one’s guard, variations on language, sound, and emotions. Art 


About A Ball Deron Cariba 5 minutes U Drive and passion for the sport of football. Art Documentaries          


The Wrong Steps Justin Morgan 2 minutes     U        

The film explores the confinement of social roles through the metaphor of shoes. Art     


A Matter Of Hair Ana Torres-Alvarez 10 minutes 12   

Paul has two problems: a girlfriend half his age and he’s losing his hair. Comedy        


Solo Party Sylvie Bolioli 5 minutes 12   

A man waits at a grandly laid dinner table. Two women chatter as they dress in their finest clothes. Drama


The Boss Eme Guitron 10 minutes U    

Harry wants to get out of the family business ­intimidation- while he still can. Drama          


The Rehearsal James Tapp 10 minutes 12    

A successful sitcom actor rehearses a role in a new adaptation of a classic French play. Comedy         


Rocco Paris Sean Conway 10 minutes 15

Rocco Paris begins as a study of loss and ends as the beginning of a love story. Drama


Obscene Ed Tracy 15 minutes 18          

24hour minicabs. The highest low budget film ever, taking over a year and a half to make starring Kayvan Novak. Drama     


How Does Life? Task Nutt 30 minutes 12A      

Timm tries to find out why his brother committed suicide at young age. Drama  


Eating Cake Stephen Ellis 90 minutes 15        

Three 20-something ex-pat Brummies set themselves up in a Walthamstow flat-sharewith the intention of living the high life before they have to grow up. Comedy        



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