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Saturday 26th JUNE 1999
Dotcom Cafe, Portobello Green Fitness Centre

At Video Cafe no9 we reinstated the"Bring Your Own Films" section, because we now officially have a licence from the Council to show technically unclassified films to the public. We also showed a taster of this years film festival including Andy Shelly's highly rated Grandpa and a documentary about the Movement Against the Monarchy (M'AM), Pigment by Henry Coleman about the resurrection of Salvador Dali and T'ai Chi Man which was shot at Wornington College..

Bring Your Own Films before 8.00pm and we will show them on our large screen. Plus a superedit of the best of the past three years Portobello Film and Video Festival.

Clips from the best of the past three years Portobello Film & Video Festival featuring work by Guy Ritchie, Murray Lachlan Young, Josh Collins, Donald Takeshita Guy, Kevin Chicken, Hester Clarke and Arthur Lager.

July 7th 1999
Dotcom Cafe, Portobello Green Fitness Centre

Video Cafe no10 at the end of July previewed more films from the 2000 Festival.

Spoke Gary Barber (5 mins)
Short film that takes on the physical and mental journey of a cyclist

Kingsize Matt Horlock (15 mins)
Fast-paced comedy set in and on the way home from the club scene

City Of Light Raymond Myndiuk (5 mins)
Promo film for White City

Back In The Day Femi Koloda (15 mins)
Three childhood friends are reunited and try to recapture the past

Pancakes And Confetti Gloria Pedemonte (8 mins)
Anandrogyn hired assassin goes to visit his young diseased sister

The Differing Art Of Flight Rob McCulloch (5 mins)
Powerful world of film, poetry and music

Processed Egg Jan Manthey (9 mins)
A sick, lonely man gets through each day with a processed egg and ham sandwich

Alchemy Calliste Lelliott (13 mins)
Cyberspace unweaves through one girl's multiple identity experience

Nan & Fred Sam Marshall (8 mins)
Poignant study of a lonely woman struggling to survive with only memories for company

Ruffle Tina Schula (6mins 38 secs)
Film based on Japanese Butho theatre

Nailbiter Elliot Kew (10 mins)
Tense observation of modern life

The Routine Jon Wright (13 mins 30 secs)
A desperate man anxious to escape his mundane life