Portobello Film Festival
3rd London Film Makers Convention

  Monday 23 March,
Thursday 26 March &
Tuesday 31 March

Inn On The Green,
3 Thorpe Close,
London W10
Nearest Tube: Ladbroke Grove
6pm - 11pm
Admission Free.

A rare chance for the public to see the latest works by the front line of new London Film Makers mostly working in the underground and digital mediums. Better than anything you will see on TV. An opportunity for London Film Makers to meet up.

Opening Night & The Environment
23 March 2009
6pm – 11pm, Entry FREE

Non Stop Shorts by London Film Makers

Grove Roots Grove Roots Crew 43 minutes U
Charts the rise of Ladbroke Grove from the 1958 Race Riots to the culturally diverse beacon it is today.

Blue Gold: World Water Wars (Sam Bozzo) 90 minutes U
Sounds the same sweeping alarms as Inconvenient Truth, only about our dwindling water supplies. Narrated by Malcolm McDowell, produced by the producer of Walkabout and Man Who Fell To Earth

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New Agendas
26 March 2009
6pm – 11pm, Entry FREE

A Selection of highlights from the Stranger Festival 90 minutes
Stranger Festival is a new European showcase for short films by European youth.
It has commissioned a report by Demos on the virtual Video Republic: “the explosion of audio visual creativity is sowing the seeds for a more participative expressive democracy...”
The selection includes the Winners from the First festival in Amsterdam (6:30), a Q&A from Duncan Smith of ACAVA – the British branch of the festival (7:00), a selection of the best British films (7:10), and a Portobello Film Festival selection of favourites (7:30).

Silo: The Sage Of The Andes Daniel Zuckerbrot 48 minutes 15
In the sixties the Argentine philosopher Silo went into the Andes to build a stone house, escape violence of the Junta and meditate. Within years his words were being translated into twenty languages. He still travels the world spreading the message of active non-violence and The WorldMarch.Org for peace.

9:00- 11.00
More Non Stop Shorts by London Film Makers

& In the Lounge Bar

Ancient Code Philip Gardiner 60 minutes U
Leading authors speak about getting back to nature.

A Hard Act To Follow Rupert Ferguson 60 minutes U
Thirteen year retrospective on the passing of the most hated government bill in counterculture history 1994 - 2007. With original archive footage of Spiral Tribe, and many more.

Earth Dream 2000 Matt Bonner 60 minutes 12A
Real life road movie featuring Australian chapter of Mutoid Waste Company with a Madder than Max aesthetic. Crazy but engaging characters and comedy and tragedy aplenty.

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31 March 2009 6pm – 11pm
Closing Gala & Award Ceremony
Entry FREE

Russ Henderson The Pan Man Mike McKenzie 22 minutes U
This short documentary tells the story of local musician Russ Henderson MBE aged 85 years old, who has been heavily influential in developing steel pan in the UK and is one of the pioneers of Notting Hill Carnival and is well known on the Jazz scene.

7:10 – 11.00
An Evening of Non Stop Shorts by London Film Makers

& In the Lounge Bar

Curitiba - It's Possible Joerg Pibal & Paul Romauch 45 minutes U
Curitiba, the capital of the state of Parana and metropolis of south eastern Brazil, is considered to be an outstanding example of sustainable urban planning and living. The documentary takes a look at the "Curitiba Phenomenon", and tries to offer some insight into its alternative approach to problem - solving.

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