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Italian & Films From Iran

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Super Jesus
Vito Palumbo 20 mins. 12A
Ugo and Carlo, a kid and... SuperJesus. Two lonely persons that meet under the shadow of the Great Steel Mill of Taranto. Comedy Italy

PEPERONCINO POP (Cantilena del peperoncino)
Flavio Sciolè. 16 mins 12A
Hot Pepper and Pop Art. Art. Italy

The face of Capgras
Nicole Turi. Mockumentary 28 mins Italy. 12A.
Margherita is a young university student, after a car accident, develops a mental disorder called Capgras Syndrome: she says that her boyfriend, Christian, has been replaced by another person.

What is Mine
Gianni Cesaraccio. Drama Italy. 19 mins. 12A
Four terminally ill men travel through a rural landscape scorched by the summer sun, fully armed, pulling off one heist after another. They are ex-soldiers who became sick on duty. They will need to overcome their limits and fears in order to bring some dignity to their final days and give meaning to the legacy they leave to the world.

The shepherd of clouds
Lorenzo Cassol. 11 mins Drama Italy. U.
Tobia, a 9-year-old boy, every afternoon after school goes to the mountain to reach Aurelio, his grandfather, who brings his five sheep to graze every day. The boy and his grandfather will find themselves sharing a moment of frailty that will change the course of events forever.

Shattered Glass
Federico Fasulo. Drama Italy. 6 mins. 12A
On the floor lies a shattered champagne flute. Caterina stares desolated at the fragments of the glass, in the majestic ballroom adorned beautifully for the party. She humiliated her husband, Vincenzo, in front of everybody with an ill-considered phrase. She will realize her wrong ways and she will have to find a way to regain his attention and his trust.

The truth
Miranda Angeli. Drama Italy. 17 mins 15.
Rachele has to face a terrible loss: her son Filippo is killed by Giulia, a university classmate. Rachele wants justice, but after the meeting with Giulia will soon find out that the truth is far more complex than she ever believed.

Nasrin Mohammdpour 15 minutes 12A Social, Drama, Women Iran.
Maryam is a 38-year-old woman who heads a family of four. She decides to cut off her right hand while working in a poultry slaughterhouse because, in this way, she can get more money from insurance than losing her left hand to pay her debts. To this end, Maryam starts to practice with her left hand to do daily chores. However, on the appointed day, when she intends to amputate her right hand, the machine suddenly jams, and Maryam's left hand is accidentally amputated instead of her right hand. Therefore, a new fate determines for her

The Single Horn
Mohammad K.Aalavi. Drama / Children / Human rights. 14 mins 12A Iran
A little girl goes to the amusement park to play with her friends without the family's permission. Everything has changed when he returns home. He decides to make a big choice …

Silence Again
Mohammad K.Aalavi. Drama / Woman 13mins 12 Iran
A young woman lives on a hill far from the city. Alone and in silence. He farms and takes his produce to the city on an old motorbike. On the way back, a scarecrow catches his eye. The woman returns home, but the scarecrow's thoughts take over her.

Let’s Guess
Fatemeh Karbasi Daryan. 17 mins. Social Drama. Iran
A young girl who is about to leave Iran, but fails to vacate her rental apartment on time. While her contract has ended, the new tenant arrives and wants to bring his stuff in ….

Mehrdad Hasani. Drama, LGBTQ. 17 mins. 12A. Iran
The nine year-old effeminate boy, Shahrokh, humiliated and pushed away by his family and friends makes up his mind to adjust himself to his new identity and comes out to the people of his village. Having been through a variety of ordeal, Shahrokh, dressed in girl’s clothes, shows up in the class before his classmates.

Damn employer
Kiumars Sobhani. Drama. 14 mins. Iran 12
A man has a recurring dream about being late for work.

Arian Lotfalian. Drama. 20 mins. Iran 12A
A woman discovers she has had a miscarriage at school.

Abas Hosseinzadeh/Hesam Hosseini. Drama 25 mins. 12A Iran
Ali is a 14-year-old teenager lives with his drug dealer uncle and his grandmother. He tries to prove himself to his uncle, that he is man enough to move drugs like him, but fails. Ali is in love with a woman who is older than him, (Simin), his uncle's girlfriend. Simin is aware of Ali's love and she abuses Ali's emotions for her. She informs Ali about the bitter truths of his mother and brother's life and makes him understand that his uncle is the cause of those stories. At the end, Ali gets in a situation where he has to choose between proving his love for Simin and his uncle's respect.

The mattress
Arash Hasanpour. drama/children. 7 mins. U Iran
A young boy is embarrassed by a wet mattress.

The calf
Mostafa Vaziri. Drama Iran. 15 mins. 12.
Once upon a time in this dairy farm we had 400 cows and 100 calves. What are you doing with them? Now we have 40 cows and 10 calves. You don’t even have mercy for the calves.

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