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Spanish Films

6 pm

Manuel Ramos. 12 mins. U
Two teenagers, facing everyone, will defy the old-fashioned social rules to play in a Polo Club.

The stain
Álvaro López Alba. Fiction. Drama. 16 mins. 12 A.
Adrian and Eva like each other; they have not told anyone and neither dares to make the first move. The day they finally meet alone something goes wrong, and a lie will spread swiftly like an indelible stain

Edu Escudero. 20 min. Drama Spain. 12A
After his father dies, Noe goes to his house to pick up the suit he will be buried in. Upon arrival, she discovers something that will confront her with the greatest dilemma a daughter can imagine: protect or reveal the secret her father was hiding.

JULY 29th
Antonio Vicent. 20 min. Spain. 12A. Drama/Comedy
Two friends have a simple plan to get some precious gems from someone’s apartment. Everything is going smoothly until they realize someone else had the same plan and date, July 29th.

Manuel Pérez. 24 mins. Drama 12 Spain
October 1934. The workers’ revolt in Asturias is dying. Aida Lafuente, a young revolutionary, decides to resist entrenched in a machine gun nest, to protect the retreat of her companions. Challenging the conventions of the time, Aida will rebel against her destiny until she consumes her last breath.

María Abenia. 29 min. Drama Spain. 15
Circe’s days are quiet on top of a cliff. With a cave dug into the rock as a home and far away from civilization, she is known in the valley for her solitude style of life, her pigs sheepherding and her witchcraft skills.

Edu Hirschfeld, Kevin Castellano. 16 min. Drama Spain. 15.
Alicia and Ruth finally leave Malasaña to play with their band, Las Hermanitas de la Calidad, at a music festival. The problem is that they are stranded the middle of nowhere and they can’t get a signal. Their only way to get there on time is to get into Javi’s car, a young hunter from the area who doesn’t give them a good feeling.

Imanol Ruiz de Lara. 19 min. Drama Spain. 12A
Gabrielle, Emma, Leire and Zoe sneak out of their rooms at a boarding school for a night out at the center’s gym. But a secret from Gabrielle and her friend Emma’s jealousy causes tension to spiral out of control when Gabrielle walks into the gym with a bow and arrows.

The aircraft
Guillem Miró. 19 mins Drama Spain. 12A
Bartomeu, a retired man who quietly cultivates his terraces beneath the Sierra de Tramuntana, is attacked by a drone that steals his privacy and calm.
The farmer will have to fight the flying machine to restore peace and be able to enjoy his orchard again.

Albert Mariné, SPAIN, - 13 mins 12A
Silvia, at the absence of her partner and father of her child, tries to pull through life resorting to the only world she knows: a world surrounded by habits and influences that disrupts her abilities to be a mother. On the other side, her child will have to fend for herself if she wants to have breakfast and get to school on time, facing a mother that gets more and more distant each day that goes by.

David Luque, SPAIN, - 10 mins 15
When Javi's mother arrives home she finds herself in an extreme scenario; both will have to decide what to do and how to tell his father.

Spain. FERNANDO. CÁMARA. Drama. 14 mins. 15.
Nora is going to lose her scholarship and she has to talk to Carmen in the Recovery Classroom. Students say the teacher had surgery recently and she is very ill. Maybe mutating.

Mutha and the death of Hamma-Fuku
Daniel Suberviola. Documentary 26 mins 12A Spain
Mutha searches for antipersonnel mines in the Western Sahara Desert. Everyday she faces death. Every exploded landmine reminds her that she has saved a life, but also that a mine marked her destiny.

Shortly after Juan began to live in his house, he confessed to him that he was a wanted murderer. David, a young and lonely junkie, will have to do the impossible to get him to leave before he kills him too.

RAÚL. MONGE 15 mins Spain 15. Drama
Two friends meet one more night on the roof of the 29th. Life passes over them as they talk about their neighborhood, friendship, the passing of time and betrayal. Reflections aloud from two young people who have never been asked their opinion.

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