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6 pm

Aziliz Le Clainche, Camille Nasarre, Jing Qian, Juliette Barraux, Emma Plumey, Lucile Arnaud, Solène Cauchie
In a post-apocalyptic universe, Bob and his dog Pasha survive in a wasteland. They are hungry, thirsty and tired. When suddenly, they see a city in the distance!
Animation U. 8 mins

Alixe Devaux, Camille Leroux, Félicia Poggi, Clémence Lacoume, Lara Brière, Valentine Wilke
Enyo is a brave and daring warrior determined to bring back her dead mentor from Hell. In her quest, Enyo meets Cerberus and becomes friend with him.
Animation U. 8 mins.

Galibot by Thomas Vandenbussche, Elise Petit, Ambre Grangereau, Emilie Cousin, Wan-Jing Yang, Laure Vernier
Louis’s social condition forced him, barely 10 years old, to descend into the heart of the coal mines alongside his father, Joseph. With his heart filled with pride at the idea of accompanying him on his first day, the young galibot will discover, despite himself, the harsh reality of the work down there.
Animation U. 6 mins.

Tear Off by Clément Del Negro, Charlotte Fargier, Héloïse Neveu, Camille Souchard, Nalini Bhasin, Mikko Petremand, Matthias Bourgeuil
A young bee must overcome her condition if she is to survive the DESTRUCTIVE HORNET that has invaded her hive. This adventure allows us to discover the dark side of a colony that is utopian at first glance. The film also explores the world of bees in more depth, with a story that highlights the fear of the unknown, of the dark, of claustrophobia, pushed in that by a macro camera which follows the character, in an alternative and frightening documented universe.
Animation. U 6 mins .

À Même le Sol
Lucie Dupeyrat, Nathan Ygouf, Marine Sauvageot, Chirag Paul, Claire Savoye, Jade Astoux
During her move out, Lily, a young lively and ambitious woman meets Edi, a strange homeless man, and his funny dog, Belix. Curious about them, she quickly becomes their friend. With best intentions, Lily wants to help them off the streets, against Edi's wishes. Trying desperately to help them, she might not notice how much she has already done.
Animation 7 mins

8 mins
À Bicyclette by Océane Lavergne, Benjamin Langagne, Lucas Durot, Pierre Cilluffo, Marine Beuvain, Kerrian Detay
The journey of an old man on a bicycle.
Animation U

Ça Décale by Chloé Musa, Annabelle Tamic, Alexandre Terrier, Louis Lukasik, Yann Laurent, Camille Flinois, Philip Gonçalves
An immersion into the kaleidoscope of a colorful party.
Animation 6 mins France

e Cri du Silence by Camille Anne, Julie Vandenbergue, Martin Laurent, Elisa Torris, Camille Leroy, Lucas Foutrier
Ewen, eight years old, affronts in crown court, everyone's silence.
Animation 12 7mins.

Joséphine Vendeville, Clémence Bellet, Florian Lecocq, Célia Leblois, Charlie Bossuyt
A culinary journey to the 5 corners of the world, with a pinch of craziness!
Animation U. 3 mins

Les Oiseaux de Nuit by Emma Richet, Candice Yernaux, Juliette Buysschaert, Emma Feret, Rachel Cuvilliez
An abandoned wolf discovers a misleading yet beautiful town.
Animation 12A. 5 mins.

Anita Bruneburg
9 mins Animation. Germany 12A

To Find You
5 mins. Animation/Music Video.

by Maxime Wattrelos, Jérémy Trochet, Louis Cocquet, Marie Heribel, François Mainguet
An old automaton sculptor retraces his own life throughout the four seasons.
Animation France 7 mins U.

Ferme les Yeux by Manon Bérardengo, Audrey Defonte, Léo Depoix, Denis Koessler, Clémentine Laurent, Pierre Guislain, Chloé Boursier
A heavy secret and oblivious parents.
Animation G-VG. 12.


Synchronie Passagère by Julia Le Bras-Juarez, Emmie Marriere, Marianne Fourmanoit, Laura Techer, Louise-Marie Rousselie, Jean Delamarre, Alexis Prost
On his way for his important job interview, Noah runs out of gas. Left with no alernative, he has no choice but to embark with Katia, a tornado chaser.
Animation. U. 8 mins

Manuel Fernández Ferro, SPAIN, 2023 - 2' 12A
The Lovers of Avignon" is the first ever translation of pictorial cubism into motion real image. Is an allegory of cubism as a conceptual symbol that acts as a filter and wall of emotions. Animation.

6 mins Italy. 12
A director God stages the history of humanity. Adam and Eve, having lost Paradise, will find technology, but the human species, no longer in harmony with nature, will thus start its destruction.

12. 8 mins Spain. Animation
In the twilight of his life, Francisco de Goya reflects on his black paintings in his Quinta on the banks of the Manzanares. Why did I do them?

5 mins. Spain. 12A. Animation
From birth to sacralization, change is the infinite path of being.

4 mins 12. France. Animation
A praise of the plant where the floral and the animal mix in bewitching, erotic, colorful and sensorial paintings.

Carmen Córdoba González. 10 min. Animation Spain
Mother and Daughter are roped for life by an eternal bond that heals and hurts, and that is perpetuated when Daughter becomes a Mother. 12A/15

José Ramon Bas. Animation. 5 min. España, Camerún
It is a journey through the city of Douala (one of the most important ports in West Africa) in Cameroon. Like a small Road Movie we enter into the movement of motorcycles and people while fantastic situations occur with a curious final outcome. 12

Ines Valencia Lam, Jaime Romero. Animation 5 mins Spain
Knox lives a life controlled by technology. His glasses make him enter an alternate reality which has become his obsession. He will do anything to return to that false world. 12

Guillermo Garzón, Carlos Beceiro. Animation 3 min. Spain.
Dennis, an employee of the biggest evil factory in hell, is going to prove why he is the worst at his job. 12A

JORN. LEEUWERINK 8 mins Animation Netherlands. 12
A big group of animals makes itself dependent on a power grid, hooked onto the socket-shaped snout of a single sleeping pig... How long will that last?

Humbug Manor
Juan Carlos Mostaza. 17 min. Animation. Spain
1950. In a new chapter of the fashionable radio serial, Inspector Pratt is about to reveal the murderer of Mrs. Brown, the rich heiress of the Balme jewelry emporium. The suspects are waiting in the huge Victorian drawing room, expectant for the resolution of the cleverest of detectives. But nothing is what it seems at Humbug Manor. 12

Lágrimas de dragón
Íñigo Álvarez Aguado, Antonio García Tardón 5 min Animation Spain
Susaiming and Lijiahao are two boys who play stick fighting in the countryside. One day, continuing the game, Lijiahao runs to hide in the forest. Susaiming chases Lijiahao, but loses sight of him. 12

Lullaby aquarium
4 min. Ana María Mendicote Brañas, Queralt de Miguel Rosique Animation Spain.
Three young siblings get bored during a Mass. At a certain point, they fall asleep and dream about a gigantic aquarium within the cathedral. U

Sam Orti. 9 min. Animation Spain
He wakes up dazed, disoriented, strapped to a stretcher. He tries to free himself and ask for help, his anxiety increases when he discovers his captors, two strange creatures who subject him to all kinds of experiments and torture. Panic makes him lose consciousness and reason… sometimes things are not what they seem. 15

Terra Somnus: Dreamland
Daniel Othon M. Gallardo. 9 min. Animation México
In a distant town a mysterious troubadour performs every night, soothing the daily heartache of the people. Nobody knows where he comes from, but he?s the bearer of a unique art that turns dreams into a collective happening. U

José (Putxa) Puchades Martínez, Julieta Gasroc, David Maqueda Pavo 18 min. Drama Spain
Eugenio is an elderly puppeteer with more past than present, living anchored to a wheelchair and the remembrance of his late spouse. Ramon is a young assistant that helps Eugenio day to day and is complicit in his fantasy. Sarina is now a memory that is no longer what she used to be and wants to leave to return to whom she was. Animatio/Puppets U

Zombie Meteor
Alfonso Fulgencio, Jose Luis Farias. 14 min. Animation Spain.
It seemed like a normal day on the International Space Station, until one of the ship’s systems fails. Mar and Petrov, two experienced astronauts, try to repair it, but something never seen before hits them violently, now all that remains is to try to survive. 15

Little Ox
RAF WATHION 10 mins Good Belgium. U. Animation.
A young muskox migrates with a small herd through the cold barren tundra. For the hungry young ox the rules of conduct are difficult to fathom. His mother does her best to take care of him. During their journey the herd gets attacked by a pack of wolves, who are after Little Ox.

Kafka's Doll
Bruno Simões. 11 min. Animation Spain
Inspired by an unproven myth, Kafka’s Doll is an animated short film that blends factual research, fiction, fantasy and myth into a single heart-warming story about loss. U

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