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Films From Austria,
Germany, & Switzerland

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Childhood Friends
Jana Filzhuth. 8 mins
When a paedophile is asked to take care of a child.
Paul and Franz have been childhood friends. While waiting in the kindergarten Franz asks Paul if he could take care of his son on the weekend. Paul is confessing he is a paedophile and he doesn’t want to take the risk. At the end the question is how much trust you can give a paedophile and how far does friendship go. Germany. 12A Drama, Comedy.

Rights of Man
Micha Strecker. 19 mins
While the protectorate fights opposition in a brutal civil war, a soldier decides to cut the snake's head and to avenge his family by assassinating the protectorate’s leader.
Germany. Thriller 12.

Dreaming Bodies
Vivian Bausch & Ella Knorz. 4 mins
It is dark. A body awakes. A body changes.
Shot on a thermal imaging camera and written
with artificial intelligence.
Austria 12A. Mixed Media

Stille Post
Brigitta Kanyaro. 17 mins
In her efforts to obtain accommodation and thus a residence permit in Austria, Marinela, an overburdened single Romanian mother, relies on her daughter Ilinca as a mediator and translator. The 8-year-old, however, has other plans.
Austria. Drama. 12

Das andere Ende der Straße
Kálmán Nagy. 22 mins
When 9-year-old Ábel is attacked by his classmate Bence at school, his father decides to visit Bence’s parents to put an end to the constant harassment.
Austria 12A. Drama

Am Grat
Matteo Sanders. 19mins Drama
During an ascent up the mountain, Felix realises that his brother is losing mobility and strength. Suppressing his doubts, Felix tries to find a way to communicate his fears.
12. Austria

Die unsichtbare Grenze
Mark Gerstorfer. Drama. 27 mins
A deportation in Vienna in the middle of the night. Police officer NANCY and her colleague ALBERT have the task of evicting a family. The events of the night leave everyone involved traumatized.
12 Austria

Emma Braun. Emma Braun. 20 mins
A female chimney sweeper gives Insight into her experiences as a woman in a male-dominated profession. The behavior she encounters is very different from that experienced by her male colleagues.
12. Austria

Leni Gruber & Alex Reinberg. 28mins
For would-be actress Anna, success is a long time coming. When she’s cast as a victim in training exercises for the local fire department, Anna screams for her life and her career, as her dad sees little avail in his daughter’s lofty aspirations.
Drama. 12A. Austria

Magdalena Chmielewska. 21mins
Story of the insomnia of the seventeen-year-old Eva is a journey to the otherness that lingers with-in each of us.
Drama. 12. Austria

Lines on the Winter Campaign, 1980
Thadeusz Tischbein & René Reinhardt. Video art / Experimental. 6 mins
The excerpt from a poem by the Russian-American Nobel Prize winner Joseph Brodsky is a frozen description of the time of the Soviet empire of the 1980s, a metaphorical reckoning with a technocratic regime and a nightmarish illustration of war. Germany 12

San Pietro
Thadeusz Tischbein & René Reinhardt. Video art / Experimental. 6 mins
Not only the lines, the impure rhymes, even the time can disappear in the fog. You whisper mouthpiece words, your fingers knotted in the cable, you grave for her ear with her lips in your mind. It’s only a daydream, cut off by the fog. Germany. 12

A Song
Thadeusz Tischbein & René Reinhardt. Video art / Experimental. 6 mins
A poem by Joseph Brodsky about the absence of someone, the in-ability to meet on the same time in the same place, about being here, in a safe zone - and still - being far away from someone. Germany. 12

On the day of german unity, Peter picks up his son from his ex-wife Anja for a long weekend. Everything is delayed and there is a long overdue debate. Ellen, Anja's father's new girlfriend, tries to mediate between the quarreling ex-couple and increasingly becomes their punching ball.
12A Comedy. Germany.

I have found the sea
Poetry/ Experimental. Switzerland. 12


Mario, a young soldier in the heart of the forest wait for his destiny. The History will call him.
12A. Italy / Switzerland

A Mountain farmer experiences the drastic consequences of a forced farewell first-hand. Powerless in the face of a system that swallows you up faster than you think.
12A Switzerland

Vanja Victor Kabir Tognola
15 mins
Anna, Francesco, and the eight years old Giorgio can't afford a fancy holiday.
Social pressure makes them fake a Bahamas vacation through photoshopped posts on social media. The deluge of likes/comments fuel an all-consuming dopamine rush.
12 Switzerland Comedy

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