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International Comedy

6 - 10.30 pm

Beauty Belles
Charlotte Kensington 22m
A fly on the wall. Documentary of a day in the life of a beauty salon, when a perfect day just has one disaster after the next.
Comedy. United Kingdom

Emma teaches potential therapists the Exposure Technique. Some patients pass through her office with different sufferings. In the consultation room and in the classroom, Emma applies unconventional Exposure methods, putting others to the test to make them shine. But life makes Emma exposes to her worst fears.
Spain Comedy

The Killer In Cursed Water
Laurent Ardoint & Stephane Duprat 15m 12A Cindy and Quentin are spending a romantic week-end by a lake. But a killer is prowling and he could hide a great threat.
Horror Comedy

Absurd comedy about a lonely man who lives inside a cuckoo clock. Every hour he straps himself into his ejection seat and shoots through the doors of the clock. ""Cuckoo!"" He yells, ""Cuckoo!"" His work is of vital importance. The old lady who sits under the clock needs to take her medication exactly at the top of every hour. One day the man has the opportunity to win a substantial sum of money in a radio quiz. He loves gadgets and wants to buy a new computer. The only problem is that he can only dial in at the exact time he’s supposed to sit in his seat. The Netherlands. Drama

Na SHi Wo
David Oeo, Carla Sala. 5m 12
Ale has been away from home for a few weeks and has the first call with his parents, who are very excited to learn all about his new life. Spain Comedy

A little Prank
A group of lottery players friends gather in a bar. In the middle of the game, a little prank gets out of hand and what began as an innocent joke, turns into a life-changing event. A tale of inequality and the different Comedy

Vanja Victor Kabir Tognola. 5m U
The morning after a wild party, David and Oscar discover that their roommate Robin is still dancing. What the heck is going on?
Switzerland Comedy

For Pete's Sake
Gerald B. Fillmore 13m 12A
Jim is going insane, he has been in the hospital forever. When the doctor finally arrives with his tests, the results are unexpected. A matter of laugh or death.
Spain/USA Comedy

Sucking diesel
After a bungled robbery, a petrol station owner must decide whether to protect her idiot employee or turn him over to the most dangerous man in Ballybeg. Comedy

Fable of a Ditherer
Alan Bradley 11m
Shut your eyes tight. Cover your ears. You may think you can escape your past life, your mistakes. But she is coming. She comes for us all, in the end.
Comedy Horror

Christian (“Cristiano”)
Adan Pichardo 11m 12
Cristiano is a young devotee who wants to be trained in the seminary to become a Catholic priest, but unexpectedly the interviewer responsible for vocations is the ancient priest of his hometown, Avelino, an unconventional priest who defines himself as ""cool dude"". Right before Avelino approves his registration to the seminary, Cristiano confesses his most intimate secret, which will determine if he can be a priest. Spain Comedy

Bière amère (The Bottle Opener )
Julien Dewitte. 15m 12
Eric, an introverted bachelor, has been working at the same Belgian brewery for 20 years. While he wants to quit in order to break his routine, he realizes that he is the only one who can save the brewery by participating in a beer uncapping contest. Comedy

Lethal shopping
Mahay Alayón 7m 12
What if "doing the right thing"was not enough? Jonás will pursue his happiness no matter the cost.
Spain Comedy

The Big Party
Gorka Aguinagalde, Xabi Vitoria 10m 15
A typical (or not) party. Sex, drugs and rock'n roll.
Spain Comedy

A shitty day
Vanesa Romero. 10 mins 12A
A shitty day narrates one of the most important days for Leti, where she is left absolutely devastated after her boyfriend stood her up at the altar. Leti wanders on the road and suddenly meets Noelia, a pilgrim on St. James Way. On the way, both women end up finding out what really a shitty day is. Drama Spain

A father in search of his missing daughter arrives in the isolated village of Choulequec. His immediate confrontation with the local sheriff and his absurd regulations is a mere foretaste of what lies ahead. France Comedy

In Vino Veritas
Sylvestre Bary. 1h 5m 12A
Hevé, a wealthy and confident Parisian, finds himself lost in the middle of a small Romanian village. While he imagines himself returning quickly to Paris, the return paths will shake his illusions.
France Comedy

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