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Eastern Europe
inc Films From Ukraine

6 - 10.30 pm

Olga Samolevska 1h 15
This is a déjà vu film.
We did made it when the war was only in Donbass. But there was already a premonition of a full-scale war. Now the war has gone beyond Donbass. Russia is trying to capture and destroy all of Ukraine.
People of good will all over the world must unite so that the war does not go beyond the borders of Ukraine.
Documentary. Ukraine

The Last Supper
Dave Lojek. 5m 12A
Ukrainians Alexandra and Timofeya have a serious problem. Eva lies dead on the living room floor. When they discover that Eva was Sveta Kalaschnikova’s wife, and that Alex has been having an affair with her, the possibility of three dead women becomes tangible. Sveta is the local female Russian mafia boss and not amused. Germany/Ukraine Drama

Taisia Deeva 2m 12A
Taisia Deeva directs a sci-fi inspired Music Video for Dynoro's Monsters, featuring 24kGoldn. Shot by separate units in Kiev (The Martini Shot) and the US (Underwonder Content), the video features children cowering in terror, hiding from the unknown, only to be transported to a futuristic corridor where their anxieties are personified as a shrouded monster. By grouping together, they transcend their circumstances to become stronger than they could ever imagine. The resulting visual is impactful and poignant, and beautifully realised by the creative teams in both locations - the art direction and cinematography balance futurism with a dark, contemporary aesthetic, whilst the styling and monster effects lend a surreal fantasy to the concept.
Ukraine Drama

We’ll never get lost together again
Eugene Koshin 35 mins 15
27 y.o. Sasha missed his flight. He has to spend the whole day in the mysterious southern city, without cash, mobile phone, wi-fi and other benefits of civilisation, accompanied by young Sashka, an eccentric and beautiful girl. Ukraine. Drama.

Alpha Male
Katia Priwieziencew and Igor Priwieziencew 1h 40m 15 Piotr signs up for a course to quit smoking, but accidentally ends up in an enigmatic self development course. There, under the influence of the charismatic Leader, he begins to question his relationship, which he had always considered healthy.
Poland. Drama/Comedy

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