269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR

Local Films
inc Charlie Phillips, Trellick 50/Portobello People’s TV

6 - 10.30 pm

Spirit of Portobello 2012
(Joey Skye) 30 mins

Venture Centre
(Constantine Gras) 30 mins
Documentary about Venture Centre. UKs first adventure playground.
Portrait of faces in Portobello 2012 with thoughts on magic of this area.

14 Poems Of CF Cavafy
(Barney Platts Mills) 25 mins
David Hockney gives a masterclass in etching from the days he lived in Powis Terrace W11. Edited by Portobello Film Festival founder Barney Platts- Mills.

(Nike Hatzimidou) 30 mins
Portrait of celebrated local photographer Charlie Phillips. Features Benjamin Zephaniah

A Hymn For Her
(Emma Pitt) 9 mins
Ageing starlet Rosemary laments how she has become invisible to her public. But invisibility has its advantages.

With Or Without Fidel
(Ismahil Blagrove) 60 mins
Local filmmaker and author Ismahil Blagrove’s meditation on the future of Cuba without the giant that was Fidel Castro.

Glastonbury’s Year Off
(warehouse Films) 60 mins
Michael Eavis takes a year off from Glastonbury Festival. This is what he did.

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