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International Documentaries

6 - 10.30 pm

JIMÉNEZ 1h 10m 12A
The invasion of the Bay of Pigs (Cuba, 1961) is revealed to us in the voice of the heroes. The horrors of war, the feeling of abandonment (not having the promised help), are thoroughly relived by these men who have not stopped missing their country.
USA Documentary

The 10th Muse
Alkistis Voulgari 9m 12
Personal journal on the Art of Isadora Duncan, the ""mother of the modern dance”. Greece Documentary

Soul Lines
Rafa Arroyo 14m 12A
Even if the wounds of the past are closed and you forgive all those who have hurt you, the pain always remains in your heart. An intimate portrait of María José Arroyo's life, tra- cing the scars of her past and discovering the medicine of her soul.
Spain Documentary

The Summit’s will burn
Adriano Morán, Guillermo Nagore 21m 12 This is the story of a ballet that was never premiered because of the civil war. We retrace the path of its creators to the mountains of the Catalan Pyrenees, in whose traditions of the summer solstice they were inspired. In parallel, we are witnessing the assembly of the current work that will allow this work to see the light of day 80 years later
Spain Documentary

Foam Horse
Juanjo Rueda 20m U
I remember that as a child I thought you could see everything from here.
Spain Documentary

Héloïse Floreal
Peleato Sellas 14m 12
As a female narrator evokes the mysterious disappearance of her mother in Haiti in 1957, shortly before the dictatorship takes hold, her introspective monologue, interspersed with documentary footage, flows filled with thoughts and memories of her childhood in Algeria, her arrival in France and her adult life . Spain Documentary

Maldita. A Love Song to Sarajevo
Amaia Remirez, Raúl de la Fuente Calle 27m 12A God is love. His homeland is the Earth. His genre? Human. In Maldita, a love song to Sarajevo, Bozo Vreco, the most revolutionary artist of the Balcans sings to life, to overcoming obstacles, and the love story of two cities, Sarajevo and Barcelona. They both knew how to find themselves in difficult times to never day goodbye. Spain Documentary

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