269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR

Loftus Burton’s Notting Dale
and Local Movies
Trellick 50/Portobello People’s TV

6 - 10.30 pm

William Blake and Thomas Paine'
Sé Merry Doyle 1h 12A
Featuring Psychgeographer and Poet Niall McDevitt, and exploring the London of these two titans of their time.
Good. London. Documentary

Dance Me To Death
Local Community Dance 13m U
This is an ACE project Dance Me To Death where ten non-professional dancers and Rhys and Waddah are creating a dance performance through a series of workshops. The morning workshops are on death and dying and honouring the death, the afternoons are with musicians and dance.
London Art Documentary

Richard David 14m U A short film chronicling the career of Southamptons’ mural and this film celebrating it.
Documentary United Kingdom

Our Journey
Mental Fight Club 10m U "This animation and soundtrack made by patrons of Mental Fight Club, gives a unique insight into living through the pandemic and mental health issues whilst giving hope for the future
Journey through the pandemic
London Animation

Macbeth’s Dream
Ian Floodgate 1m 12A "Shakespeare, Experimental, Short, Drama
Inspired by William Shakespeare's Macbeth, Macbeth's Dream is a visionary experimental film with a twist.
United Kingdom Drama

Cafe Mirage
Neilson Black 28m 12A
A British man moves to Paris, but realises he isn’t welcome when he gets there. So he starts a support group to fight for foreigner’s right to stay.
Drama. United Kingdom

8 p.m. onwards

My North Kensington 2
(Loftus Burton) 90 mins
Reflections & Recollections, through interviews with seventy local people and historical material, covers the history of North Kensington from 1939 to the present day.
“Defiant and proud we stand/Peoples of the world/United in tragedy and triumph/A puzzlement to all who view us/Wondering what’s so special this place called North Kensington/Our differences and yet our strength/One word-COMMUNITY”

Part 1 will be shown at Love bar just up the road at 6pm

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