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Spain: Perennial Festival Favourite

6 - 10.30 pm

Spain against the atom
Sergio Cabezudo 20m 12
In 1970, a radioactive leak in the spanish Nuclear Energy Board contaminated the Manzanares river and the surroundings of the city of Madrid. Spain Documentary

Ruben Garcera 13m
When Mr and Ms Mendoza are murdered in strange circumstances, there family decides to hire the best private consultant in the city, Toney Clues.
Spain Animation

The amazing vaccine of Dr. Dickinson
Alex Rey 15m 15
Year 2024. Humanity continues in its fight against the Coronavirus. Countries in chaos, economies broken. However, a young Doctor of Molecular Biology, Doctor Dickinson, is about to change the destiny of humanity forever.
The vaccine is already here. Will you pay the price?
Spain Animation

Alessandro Marzullo 15m 12A
The Fibonacci's essay divides the world into beautiful and not beautiful through an objective evaluation system. The beautiful can aspire to anything in life; the not beautiful have stopped dreaming. Lili, an aspiring documentarist, wants to go to the old continent to express her art. An angioma covering half of her face prevents her from passing the costums, but she is willing to risk her life just to be able to see how her dreams are made.
Spain Drama

Jan 66
Jaime García Parra 14m 12A
I966, a tourim couple is recording themselves in a placid day at the beach. Behind them, some locals decide to cheat on a shepherd, who will play his honor before the eyes of his beloved in a curious game. Tourists are attracted to the strange game and decide to record it, without being aware of the hecatomb that will happen before the camera.
Spain Drama

Alberto Cano 8m 12A
The cold night hangs over the old Frankenstein?s castle. Victor, the scientist willing to challenge science, sets out to carry out his most ambitious plan: bring his admired Franceska back to life. With the collaboration, or not, of Igor, his invaluable and loving assistant; Victor will face the greatest challenge of his career.
Spain Animation

9m 12A No Information

Blas Egea Sarabia 27m 15 Pablo is a young drug dealer who sells modern drugs in the most important Techno music club in Madrid. The only person he would die for is his yaya Paquita. After a night of uncontrolled partying, the old woman must make a big decision to prevent her grandson from ending up in jail. Spain Drama

Tania Gongar 15m 12A
Jessica is a happy 7 year-old girl who dreams of dancing, but not having a dress for the upcoming Christmas festival puts her in the crosshairs of ridicule and rejection by her classmates. The day of the long-awaited festival arrives, will Jessica get her dress?
Spain Drama

Miguel Ángel Marqués Bordoy 17m 12A
Oliver finds a photograph buried on the beach. Behind that photo there are the story of people who sacrifice their lives every day looking for of a dream. One of them is called Zama.
Spain Drama

17 minutes with Nora
Imanol Ruiz de Lara 18m. 12A
Nora is worried because she's performing in a play at her school, but being bullied by her classmates make her face something much more important: being accepted by her dad. The following 17 minutes will change their relationship forever.
Spain Drama

Nestor Lopez, Oscar Romero 21m 15
Alina works as a stripper. Alina does not turn on the light in her house because she knows that her neighbor is watching her from the window. Spain Drama

15m 12
No Information.

Au Pair
David Pérez Sañudo 20m 15
Nadia, a ""chic"" Parisian, goes to the heart of Spain to teach French to the young Nestor. There she meets Nestor's father, Fernando, her strange host. What seemed like a peaceful au pair experience turns into something strange and disturbing...
Spain Drama

Endless heat
Joaquín León 19m 15
Lola is vegan, Aurelio is a hunter. Their mother just died but the body is lost at the bottom of the sea. They will have to create their own ritual to say goodbye to her and go on with their lives. Although they have no longer anything in common, they discover there is still a strong link that holds them together over any regret. Spain Drama

Concrete and steel
Oriol Villar 15m 15
Victor and Nacho are lifetime friends and mafiosos. They've been tortured and chained to a cement block. While Nacho struggles desperately to break free, Victor tries to figure out why their boss has betrayed them. They reflect on their lives and their past, but then Nacho makes a confession that will change their lives forever.
Spain Crime Drama

Eating you
Maria Dobli 10m 18
One night, a failed rendezvous. Two lovers are left alone and deal with Spain Drama


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