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International Dramas:
From East To West

6 - 10.30 pm

The wind is blowing in the alley
Asal Sharif 21m 12
One night, Parvaneh visits her daughter at her farewell party. The wind is blowing in the alley, the beginning of their ruination!

Barzan Rostami 23m 12
The story is about people’s irresponsibility in some critical situations that compel them do anything unusual to save their lives...
Documentary Iran

Seule la mer (By the Sea)
David S. Prudhomme. 12m 12
Nico and Greg meet on a beach in the North Sea. They hadn't seen each other for years. The two brothers live a family tragedy which tears them away from their already tumultuous daily life. Nostalgia brings them together in this place full of memories.

Turning Epochs
Ahmad Seyedkeshmiri 12m U
“Dad, I’m coming home to visit!” The distance from city to countryside is measured in more than miles. And sometimes home is reached by other means of transport than
those dictated by train schedules. An old man waits for his son next to the railway line from sunrise to sunset.
Iran Drama

BRIAN STYNES 1h 10m 15
A group of tour bus passengers enjoying a pleasant day trip along scenic coastal roads, one of the passengers dies suddenly, before long, the bus driver begins to suspect that one or more of the other passengers know more than they are saying.
Ireland Drama

Fatma Kayacı Untold Story    
Orhan Tekeoğlu 40 mins
Year 1985. Everybody talks about 16-year old Ali Kayacı who died by falling into the fire, while staying with his aunt on the mountain pasture of 2000 metres. Ali’s step mother, their neighbour Aunt Emine say that the kid falling victim to this accident was because of Fatma Kayacı’s neglect.After this painful incident, when Fatma Kayacı hears about the accusations from her relatives and neighbors, she resents them tremendously and leaves her village not to see anyone from the relatives again.
Fatma Kayacı starts to live in a stonehouse on mountain pastures, away from people. She names every tree she plants “Ali” as if she wants to keep him alive. The surroundings of the house become a forest. She says the incident took place in 1985, when she was around 50 and was living with the son of Abdurrahman brother, Ali Kayacı, who was 16 at the time and suffered from seizures, on the Karakısrak mountain pasture that is 2000 m high in Tonya.“As every morning, we left the house with our two cows and our calf for grazing. I brought my cows back home. I opened the door of the house, saw Ali in flames.

Neuf pour cent (Nine Per Cent)
Marie Enthoven 25m 15
Julie, 40 years old, is making love with Pierre as her mother suddenly arrives in their apartment and intrudes on their intimacy. Pierre wonders how she got in. She has an extra pair of keys to water the plants. Except that Julie is at home Pierre notes. And indeed… Julie, however, doesn’t have the courage to send her mother away.

Row A, Number 79 : Her Seat
Lee Hyung-suk 8m U
Father and daughter visit a theatre where there is no one. Excellent
Drama South Korea

Gun-ho Jary 1h 25m 15
A performance held in Chuncheon celebrates the 50th anniversary of the debut of the mime artist Yu Jin-gyu.


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