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France: Shorts & Feature Film

6 - 10.30 pm

Michael Salerno 27m 15
A teenage boy is playing an online ""suicide game"" where he must complete 50 challenges in 50 days
France Drama

No Signal
Adrien Genoudet 23m 12
She wanted to be the Princess of Monaco. However, after being wed for 70 years, the picture is quite grim. Sitting in her kitchen, Marie-Therese realizes that she misses everything, except her husband.
France Drama

Cécil Chaignot. 24m 12A
Mistakenly landed in Corsica, Mehret, a young woman in exile, is forced to cross the island to to reach Italy. Survival and walking are her only concerns, the East coast her destination.
France Drama

Pauline Dalifard & Lucie Rico 14m 15
A bed sheet devouring bodies, a radio contaminating minds or a chicken refusing to be butchered… 
Kraken storms into an apartment building, where everyday soon plunges into bizarre…
France Horror

Mathilde BAYLE. 20m 15
Fanny has become infatuated with the handsome, womanizing Diego, for whom her heart aches. One evening, at a party, she tries to make him jealous by letting a random man hit on her… It works. But this "random man", Victorino, a Peruvian photographer, has no intention of giving up that easily.
France Drama

Laëtitia MARTINUCCI. 20m 12A
It's a winter night in a ski resort in the French Alps. After getting locked out, Mona, a young seasonal worker of Italian origin, tries to fight off the cold while looking for shelter. Her nighttime journey brings her close to an unknown presence.
France Drama

Summer Friend
Maxime Hermet 25m 15
Tom and Ellis, 15 years old, have been friends forever. They spend their summer fishing at sea. One day, they meet Lucie who came to their village on holiday. As days go by, they grow more intimate.
France Drama

SIMON. ZHOU. 22m 12A
Visited one night by his down-and-out sister, luc, the struggling owner of a hair salon, must find a way to meet her needs without offending the sensibilities of a wealthy
France Drama

Synethic Love
SARAH HEITZ DE CHABANEIX 25m 15 Diane realizes that the man she fantasizes about shares his life with someone very peculiar… Diane, in her fifties, fantasizes about the enigmatic Pierre, who works with her at the gas station. When she wins a trip for two around France, she decides to invite him along. But she wasn’t aware that Pierre already has someone quite special in his life… France Drama

Marcelo Paganini 9 mins U 
"You ain't nothing but a bacterian droid" Combining NASA animations and ISS stunning Earth from space images, Marcelo Paganini get us inside his short film/song "Bacteria" that are for him the dominant life form in every corner of not only our Universe but all over the Multiverse as well...

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