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CanadiAn & French Films

6 - 10.30 pm

Grand National
Serge-Olivier Rondeau 21m U
The Grand National, held at the Saint-Hyacinthe agricultural fair, is the biggest truck and tractor pull event in Canada. Over the course of three days, to an audience of 20,000, more than sixty competitors come from all over North America with little to win but the applause of the crowd. Originally developed by farmers to test the strength of their horses, pulling challenges are historically tied to the reality of rural labour and to the working classes, which form the majority of its audience. Following the mechanization of agriculture, the contenders’ profound understanding of animals was replaced by an intricate knowledge of all things mechanical. This expertise is brought to bear in a competition where feats of strength and deafening noise meet the smell of diesel and the fruit fragrances added to the methanol fuel. The film Grand National follows one of the competitors at this major event of the North American agricultural world where we can observe the strong bonds that are formed between humans and machines.
Canada Documentary

Los Angeles, France
Nicole Genovese 21m 12A
The small town of Los Angeles abounds with treasures that the entire of France envies her : Its carwash, banks, supermarket and even its pear vendor. Nevertheless, despite these admirable modesties, the small town’s charm and character unravels due to a lack of tenderness.
Canada Drama

Midwife Man
Juliette DENIS 18m 12A
Julien takes up his duties in a maternal child care center in a difficult neighborhood. He will very quickly be confronted with the difficulties that make the daily life of the center team. During his first consultation he finds himself face to face with Asma, who became pregnant following a rape.
Canada Drama

White Noises
Thomas Soulignac 18m 12A
To communicate with the Beyond, Hervé knows how to go about it. But the hardest part of spiritualism is not receiving signs, it is understanding them.
Canada Drama

Sophia Capasso 8m 12A
Two young women, their lives meticulously intertwined, are each on a fast paced journey to very different destinations. Two experiences of one night can be drastically dissimilar…
Canada. Experimental Narrative

Emmen am See (Emmen by the lake)
Anja Sidler, Andrea Schneider, Delia Hess 4m The association "Emmen am See" imagines a recreation area with a lake in place of the local military area in Emmen. In this film we created our own coluorful vision of the lake.
Canada Animation

Exogenesis Trilogy
Angelina Voskopoulos. 19m 12
The alluring mystery of darkness versus 
the illuminated mystery of light, chaos 
versus order, the innumerable 
possibilities of synthesis, are all there, 
available material for man to use…
Canada Experimental

Guillaume Collin 11m 12
Benoit and Catherine, a couple in their late twenties, go to his parents' house for dinner. It is with surprise and apprehension that they learn that the whole family is invited for supper and that the evening may not go as planned!
Canada Comedy

Kistina Wagenbauer 26m 12A
A Canadian director visits her grandmother in Russia after 25 years of separation. The reunion reveals the influence of important historical events on their past and the magnitude of their relationship. From the Second World War to the fall of the Soviet Union, their journey allows us to uncover the layers of their personal stories and family traumas, just like a Russian doll. Armed with humor and resilience they create this film as an intimate space for reconciliation.
Canada Documentary

Jorge Camarotti 25m 12
Feeling uprooted and looking for a purpose, Ousmane, a newly arrived Burkinabé immigrant living in Montreal, has his life take a turn when he meets an elderly, Edith, at the end of a long workday.
Canada Drama

Meeting with Robert Dole
François Harvey 16m 12
This experimental short film gives the floor to Robert Dole who gives us his story and exposes his vision of schizophrenia. The theme of mental illness is echoed here in a cinematographic treatment that explores the materiality of film and magnetic tapes to find points of meeting and detachment, spaces resonating with the fall and redemption of Robert Dole.
Canada Experimential

Le bruit des moteurs / The Noise of Engines
Philippe Grégoire
1h 20m 15 Alexandre, an instructor at the Canadian customs college, returns home to his small town after his employer places him on compulsory leave. As he forms a new friendship with a female Icelandic drag racer, he finds himself under surveillance by police investigators trying to get to the bottom of the sexually explicit
drawings that have been troubling the town.
Canada Drama


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