87 Notting Hill Gate

Awarding winning films
and new local films

8.30 - 11 pm

Young Eyes
John Wheeler 5m U
A young girl loses her Mother in a crowded Carnival. The world to her is strange, but she finds solace in an unexpected place.
United Kingdom Music Video

Dominic Wade. 5 mins

Girl Boils Egg
3 mins. Bella Freud

Cut Out
Josephine James. 7m
Cut Out is a short film about a musician‚ last night on earth with his favourite groupie, before being led by the angel of death to join the infamous ‚ club.
Experimental London, England

Lost For Words
Elcid Asaei 6m 12
After 3 months 3 days apart, a couple meet up to break up, but upon reaching their destination, they struggle to find the right words to express their prior convictions. Drama London

Todays The Day
9 mins Sean Garland
Wandering the backstreets of a London he no longer recognises a lonely, wayward father sets out to reconnect with his daughter after many years apart.

The Coot
8 mins. Sean Garland
Canice lives on a canal-boat on the outskirts of London. He has stories to tell, bile-black lore to impart. The tone is tremulously odd. Throw in some heady 'Irish in London' lore, the quiet, understated magic of Canice Bannon and a subtle tip of the hat to creaky 1970's ITV/BBC TV, particularly A Ghost Story for Christmas and, well, that's The Coot.

Daddy's Note
Gavin Irvine 8 mins. 12A
Two moronic drug dealers serve a well connected public schoolboy.
Comedy London

The Piano
Lee Morgan 11m 12A
Wheeler dealer Toni won't quit in her attempt to convince buyers Simone and Rosie that a certain Beatle played the piano she's eager to shift. Drama London

20 mins. Rex Russell
In a sarcastic version of our world we follow Gene, a young woman who dreams of dancing, but is instead trapped at home by her delusional Mother. However, a once in a lifetime opportunity means Gene finds herself slap bang in the middle of a Dance Marathon Competition, where there is not only the allure of drugs, but also the chance to reconnect with her long lost father.

Roland Denning 29m 12A
"James describes himself as a ‚junk socialist, dedicated to recycling stuff we might otherwise throw away. But the stuff comes in much quicker than it goes out and he is filling up garages and lock-ups all over town. An intimate and occasionally hilarious portrait of an idealistic and eccentric vision coming up against the realities of 21st century London." United Kingdom Documentary

Stuart Heaney & Chris de Selincourt. 13m U
A documentary set in 1963 at the kensington home of artists mark boyle and joan hills, dramatising their chance invention of the liquid lightshows that would define the psychedelic.
Art Documentary. London

Gavin Elder 26m 15
This is a film made of the animatronic installation I exhibited in London last year. The artwork considers the unhealthy relationship that exists between the Establishment and the British People. Art London

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