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Chronovision. Kids sci fi.
Kira Zhigalina/Billy A B/ north Kensington families 11m U
Chronovision was a series of workshops for north Kensington families, in early
2020. Kids co-created imaginary documentaries from the future in 4 episodes: exploring future cities, advertisement, music and fashion." Sci-Fi Drama London

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Children’s Drama A Programme Of 2 Short Films Produced By Renegade Theatre Natasha Langridge 9m U


Youth Drama London

Octavia. Selection. In Your Shoes
Adil Hassan & Kairelle Denton 15m 12A C
hantelle switches body with Gavin and they learn what it is like to walk in the others skin. Comedy London

Marcia Lopes-Tavares 13m 15
Jermaine witness a tragic incident; a moment that provokes him to want to leave his life in a gang and pursue a legitimate career. Devised and produced by young people. Drama London

The Birth of the Teenager
Young People From Octavia. 23m 12A
A group of young people document the forming of the teenager that was born out of the post war economic boom. Documentary London

The Atoms of Reality
Marco Joubert 4m 12
The Atoms of Reality is an attempt at creating a wordless poem. Experimental London

Jenny Runacre 3m U
TEDDIE is a black comedy about the loneliness and isolation of lockdown
Dark Comedy London

THE MAN IN THE RED SUIT, Life is like a jigsaw puzzle
Myrna Shoa 7m 12
THE MAN IN THE RED SUIT through Myrna Shoa’s artwork and jigsaw puzzles conveys the myriad facets of Donald's life from Nigeria to London then Nigeria again, 35 years later.
Animation London

My Neighbours
Claire Blundell-Jones 16m U
Portraits of older and less mobile people in South London, filmed during the re-emergence from the first Lockdown of 2020, sharing their experiences and talking about what helped them through. Documentary London

Maika Klaukien Jonathan Samuels Timuchin Dindjer 4m U Lichtblick- a collaboration with artists across the globe, deep;y moving and poignant, inspired by lockdown and an inspiration for the future. Dance
Dance . London

Dark Disco
Sanya Mihaylovic 6m U
Experimental animation and video montage to a dark disco track, transcending deep and hidden human feelings in an over industrialised world where existential dread, colour and playfulness all go hand in hand.
Animation London

A Letter from the Trenches
Alan Bradley 5m 12
In memory of the 200,000 Irish men who fought in World War One. This moving short was inspired by their letters home. War Drama London
My One True Love Emma Pitt 7m U
An accidental video call from Margaret to Juliet brings an unexpected moment of happiness. Drama London

Las Flores Del Sauce (Willow Blossoms)
Alberto Molina Jiménez 6M U
A veces, el silencio humano esconde el dolor más profundo. (Sometimes, the silence of human beings hides the deepest pain)
Drama London

Brasil à hauteur d’ondes
Luigi Sibona 6m U
An experimental documentary that takes a sensory look at Brazil based on the director’s father’s past writings on the country. Documentary London

Jethro Tull's 'Aqualung'
Sam Chengini 7m 12
Jethro Tull’s most celebrated song “Aqualung” returns with an animated music video about the homeless and homelessness, 50 years later. Music Video London

"The Trouble with Angels"" for Jakko M Jakszyk (King Crimson)
Sam Chengini 7m U
The innate urge to reach out to a stranger, following a chance meeting in Monte Carlo.
Music Video London

"Uncertain Times" for Jakko M Jakszyk (King Crimson) starring Al Murray
Sam Chengini 6m U A music video on Brexit. Legitimise the bigots lies. And end all talk of compromise, attach the blinkers to our eyes once again… Music Video London

Lost For Words
Elcid Asaei 6m 12
After 3 months 3 days apart, a couple meet up to break up, but upon reaching their destination, they struggle to find the right words to express their prior convictions. Drama London

Michael S Hippolyte 9m 15
A sexually obessed man gets more than he bargained for when a casual hookup doesn’t go as planned... Horror London

Goldielocks & Three Families Of Bears
Ed Hartwell 3m U
This film accompanies an original song based on the story of “Goldilocks And The Three Bears. Animation London

Keep Mum
Luana Di Pasquale 15m 12A
A woman is pushed beyond the edge of sanity...
Psychological Thriller London

Le Voyager
Sam Crewmanink 6m U
After a lifetime away, a traveller returns to his home and must face the questions that await us all. Sci-Fi Drama London

James Arden 18m 15
Rocky, a london teenager, begins to question the strict routine set by her father, as well as deeper feelings about her own identity, after meeting a free-spirited girl in a local launderette.
Coming Of Age Drama London

Smiley Vs Smiley
Cy Henty / Alan Ronald/ Adam Samuel 30m 15
Sam and Cy in association with Electric Head Films present a hilarious, high-octane thriller inspired by John le Carre in which two George Smileys attempt to unearth the mole which has buried itself deep in the heart of the circus. But what kind of mole?
Comedy London

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