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6 - 10 pm

Knitting Club For Men Over 40
Egor Gavrilin 22m 15
There’s a new member in the mysterious knitting club for mature men. On his first day he sees that there’s someone who wants to seize power over the club. He decides to bring back justice. The bad guy has already mastered the skill of knitting but our hero has resolve and best intentions. But… are they that good after all? Comedy Russia

Fire And Water
Robert Brown 2m U
Opposites attract but the path to true love is never plain sailing!
Animation Britain

Sad Beauty
Arjan Brentjes 10 minutes
In a heavily polluted world, a young woman mourns the disappearance of animal species.
Animation Netherlands

The Human
Harko Wubs 11m U
By observing 'the human' in a traditional 'nature-documentary style' and by showing how we get our daily food, questions are being raised about mankinds relation to nature.
Fiction Documentary Experimental Netherlands & Germany

Mushrooming / Po griby
Roman Artemiev 8m 18
His father-in-law brings Sergei to the forest. He is going to kill Sergei, as he cheats on his daughter. Sergei asks for mercy and admits that he once used a Chinese aphrodisiac, and that one is still in effect. Women just fall in love with him. The father-in-law does not believe, but he does not dare to kill him. He ties Sergey to a tree and goes away. Unfortunately, for Sergei, mushroom pickers are walking through the forest. When the father-in-law returns for Sergey, he will be extremely surprised. Comedy Russia

The Shepherd / Pastukh
Ilya Plyusnin 9m 12A A typical office plankton Leonid living a boring life under a load of daily issues is struggling to finish the annual report for his obnoxious boss when he suddenly gets a chance of getting hold of mighty powers and show the world who the real boss in the town is with a little help from unearthly invaders!
Comedy Russia

The Lottery
Vadim Valiullin 33m 12
An ordinary working man, Vasya Kosoy, wins 50,000,000 rubles in the lottery. The only thing is that he can collect his winnings on Monday, but he wants to live and spend them right now. Vasya and his family decide to take out a loan, but something unexpected happens, and a default almost cancels Vasya's winnings. But the whole family has time to overwhelm with wealth for two days and realizes that it is not enough just to have money for a happy life, but it is necessary to live and work honestly.  Comedy Russia

Christopher Boulton 11m U
Salvage questions the allure of old objects by reimagining obsolete tools as reliquaries haunted by the souls of disgruntled workers who resent their new jobs. This hybrid intersectional documentary uses magic realism to critique the inequities of gender, ethnicity, and class that underpin consumer capitalism.
Documentary Experimental USA

 Lan Yu 4m U
A slice of life piece that observes the most expensive city in the world through a day in life of a driver. The driver, Ah Hock, is representative of a generation in Singapore who works mainly for survival, and to provide a better living for their family.
Fiction Documentary Singapore

David Aufdembrinke 23m 12A
A young man escapes his routine to find out what he truly wants in life. His friends refuse to participate in his endeavor, so he goes alone and arrives further than he ever would have dared to dream.
Fiction Documentary Germany

Hold For Applause
Gerald B. Fillmore
6m 12A
During the lockdown, everyone in Spain shows their gratitude to the health care workers by applauding from their windows at 8pm. Greg would like to join them but he?s too busy solving an international online relationship crisis. Drama USA

Each Other
Martin Donozo 9m 12A
A man, a woman, a love relationship and a crystal. Drama Argentina

Will Niava 12m 15
An encounter between three misfits and a troubled man takes an unexpected turn.
Drama Canada

Human Walkers In Motion
Ethann Néon 10m U
The walk inhabits our being and governs our social space. side by side or face to face, it implies an exchange. when combining everyone’s specific pace, a hidden harmony arises. reconnecting with eadweard muybridge‘s work, this film projects us into the frenetic rhythm of the steps of fifty walkers.
Animation Experimental Belgium

Diego Fabián Archondo 18m 12A
A couple in a marriage crisis will have to survive to a terrible explosion that releases millions of toxic particles in the environment while been trapped in a little house in the middle of the Mexican desert.

Koosha Afrasiabi 13m 12A
This film is the story of a prestigious doctor who returns to his office building after a few days off. But something strange is happening in the office building. The doctor, who enters his neighbour's apartment to find out the truth, subconsciously enters an adventure that he has unintentionally started! And the more he tries to get out of this game, the more he sinks! Some of the threads are closed at the end!
Fiction Experimental Irán

Chasing Swipes
Namo Safideen 9m 12A
In an attempt to get over her ex-boyfriend, Vera starts to use a social dating app for the first time and tries to find herself in this newly discovered world.
Drama Sweden

Mis Primeros 100 Días / My First 100 Days
2M U
This video was made during the quarantine inside my house; In it, I collected the different self-portrait photographs that I took during the pandemic. The montage was organic as I did not move any of the photographs from their place.
Experimental Argentina

Firstborn / Pervenets
Ilya Kuvshinov 5m 12A
The story revolves around a married couple, who is waiting for their first child. An ordinary dinner goes to a twist when the husband's love turns out to be not what it seemed.
Drama Russia

Sola In Discesa / Going Down Alone
Claudia Di Lascia & Michele Bizzi
6m 15
In a metaphorical elevator, a woman travels through her past life and faces all the men who verbally or physically abused of her.
Drama Italy


Alfonso Díaz 15 U
Conchi accidentally becomes the center of attention because of her strange behavior. Her actions are a reflex of what was happening.
Drama Spain

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