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Elena Skripkina 24m 12A
The film XX-20 is a kaddish that invites us to rethink the catastrophes of the 20th century through a perspective of the Event. It reveals itself in front of an empty grave and takes on a different meaning, and thus an eschatological responsibility for it. Hiroshima, the siege of Leningrad, Gulag: these three disasters associated with modern reality carry in them a genetic memory and interconnect in a single number XX020. Art Good Russia

Alice / Alisa
Aleksey Sukhov 11m 18
Alisa is a lizard. She works in a fast food cafe and wishes of having a true love. But a horrible work injury makes her involved into a dark story Animation Russia

Lukomorye (Alexander Pushkin’s poem) / Lukomorye
Nick Rybnikov 3m 12A
The poem ""Lukomorye"" by Alexander Pushkin is familiar to every Russian person from his childhood. But where is this fabolous land?We know the answer! Art Russia

Valeria Boldyreva 23m 12A
The story of the wife of Vyacheslav Molotov who was a Russian revolutionist, Soviet political, state and party figure, Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR in 1930-1941, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR in 1939-1949 and 1953-1956. The film is about love, friendship, devotion, human helplessness before the doom and Moloch of great historical processes. Drama Russia

How Dad Nicked the Snow for Mom / Kak papa mame styril sneg
Sasha Karmaeva 13m 18 Short story about father who was aimed to make piece with mother, and about mother, who tried to save her daughter from all the troubles, and about a daughter, who just wanted to watch cartoons. Drama Russia

Flowers for you
Ignat Bagirov 12m U
A melancholy and touching story about a single woman. Her life changes in one moment and everything makes sense again, when a courier with flowers appears on her doorstep of her apartment. Drama Russia

Maxim Kulkov 17m U
A volunteer soldier from Moscow comes face to face with the enemy – a badly wounded female sniper. He must decide whether to kill her and avenge his fallen comrades, or save her and betray them. If he doesn’t make the choice, others will make it for him. Drama Russia

Roman Sinitsyn 6m 12
A police officer arrived on what seemed like a routine call. Drama Russia

Dmitry Suvorov 30m 12A
Nastia is on the verge of adult, family life. But at one moment she begins to doubt whether she wants it. Drama Russia

Oleg Ageychev 10m 12A
A young actor decided to play grief for the real funeral… Comedy Russia

Shadow of the Star / Ten' zvezdy
Dmitry Gubarev 1h 30m 15
The popular rapper comes on tour to St. Petersburg. He is adored and awaited by fans, he is at the peak of fame, but those around him do not suspect that the poet is in a deep creative crisis. Suddenly, an attempt is made on the musician. Miraculously, he manages to avoid death, but his manager decides to hire a bodyguard. It turns out that the guard is ... a girl. She is a professional in her field, but in the brutal world of rap, a woman has a difficult time. The bodyguard understands the intricate relationship of the star and realizes that everyone from the rapper's entourage could wish for his death. Drama Good Russia

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