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International Dramas

6 - 10 pm

My brother Artyom / Moy brat Artyom
Roman Trofimov 24m 12A
Nikita is twelve. And he is bullied by school hooligans and an overbearing mother. He patiently suffers and accumulates offense. It all lasts until his half-brother Artyom returns from the correctional boarding school. He involuntarily pushes the boy to a terrible way of solving his problems. Drama Russia

Juillet 96/ July 96
Michele Jacob 25m 12A
July 1996, the beach, the sea, the sun. Sophie, 10, spends her summer vacations with her mother and her cousin Laurence. But Laurence has grown up and her mother's thoughts are elsewhere. While the whole country is still looking for two missing little girls, Sophie discovers that this will be her last summer as a child.
Drama Belgium

White Eye
Tomer Shushan 21m 12A
A man finds his stolen bicycle and it now belongs to a stranger. In his attempts to retrieve the bicycle, he struggles to remain human.
Drama Israel

The Rape Clause
Jared Watmuff 14m 12A
In order to claim welfare support for her son, Angela is forced to reveal the harrowing story of how the child was conceived. Inspired by real events and based on current government legislation, The Rape Clause is a short film about “one of the most inhumane and barbaric policies ever to emanate from Whitehall” (MSP Alison Thewliss, 2017) and how it weaponises shame and trauma.
Drama United Kingdom

Tristan Heanue 13m 12
A couple embark on a journey in the midst of a family crisis.
Drama Ireland

The Van
Erenik Beqiri 15m 15
The Van finally stops, the doors open and the Son comes out alive. A few more fights and he will be able to pay his way out of Albania, and hopefully, take his Father with him.
Drama France & Albania

Vous Ne M'aurez Pas! / You Won't Get Me
Thierry Dory
23m 12A
Béber, a building contractor, is going through a very rough patch. Everything and everyone seems to be bound against him. And if his salvation depended upon those he had despised...
Drama Belgium

Let's talk about George
Nick Nevern 18m 15
Break the silence, Let’s talk about George looks at mental health in men. It is about a young man driven to the edge by his ex." Social Drama Britain

Gather In The Corner
Joanny Causse 16M 12A
Instructor Bill Cooper visits Ms. Morelli’s classroom to run a firearm drill as part of a nationwide safety program. The 7th graders struggle to adapt to the newest member of their class, a Sig Sauer P-226 handgun.
Drama USA

Sigge Widmark 20m 12A
When a small town Sheriff encounters a hot-headed teenage girl and is exposed to her demoralizing situation at home, he struggles with gaining her trust and must scrutinize his own life choices in order to help her.
Drama Czech Republic

The Guests / Gosty
Sofia Smirnova 24m 15
One day of the life of a middle-aged man living in a village. What is he ready to do in the desire to change his life. Drama Russia

Anna Melnikova 14m 18
Sasha is a manicurist, agrees to the offer of the mysterious client to have a good time together. The main character does not even suspect what this adventure will result in. Drama Good Russia

Alexey Sviridov 15m 15
This is a story about a successful entrepreneur who one day realizes that his successful business fatally destroys people's lives. The entrepreneur is faced with a choice-to continue in the same way, knowing that the products of his enterprises are killing, or to close production and remain without a favourite business. Drama Russia

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